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Performance of the Kindergarten Teachers and Its Relation to Pupils Achievement in Different Learning Areas

This study aimed to determine the performance of the kindergarten teachers and its relation to pupils’ achievement in different learning areas in the Division of Kabankalan City. Using the standardized assessment and evaluation of the Department of Education secondary data, 100 kinder teachers and 2901 kinder pupils were investigated to determine the performance of the


Employability of BSIT Graduates of Central Philippines State University Main Campus

This research focused on the employability of BSIT graduates. The study covered 170 graduates of CPSU-Main Campus, school year 2012-2014. A standardized questionnaire was employed to gather data. Cross tabulation, frequency, percentage distribution, and chi-square test were utilized. Findings showed majority of the respondents were employed locally in private sector, had regular status, waiting time


IDC Learning: Artificial Neural Networks … and our LMS gets “intelligent”!

The wide spread of online courses, both in academic and business field, helps reducing the costs of training, but has negative effects. The indiscriminate and redundant delivery of digital contents and questionnaires, together with standardized rigid tutoring actions often implies a deterioration of the quality of the courses and a growing disaffection of students towards


Modeling Student Affect in English Learning Achievement Using Association Rules

Educational studies have been conducted to search for methods of optimum learning. Student-teacher interaction is important in classroom settings for an environment conducive to learning. Most instructional practices thus far have explicitly included many more cognitive factors than affective ones. The affective factors are often neglected because they are considered private matters, far too long-term


Algorithm for Innovative Educational E-System on Strategic Management for Technology New Ventures

The goal of this article is to present the results from a research on strategy modeling for technology new ventures and the creation of an educational e-system used for education on strategy management and strategy modeling for students on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in technological sphere. The presented algorithm is based on research including: adaptation of