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Coping and Survival Strategies Implemented by Women Who Faced Partner Rapes

This communication summarizes the results of a qualitative research conducted among five young women (25 year-old in average), former victims of partner rapes, who separated from their spouse since a few years. Five tools were used in order to answer our research questions: an anamnestic questionnaire, a semi-structured interview, the Body-Image Questionnaire (Bruchon-Schweitzer, 1987), the


Perceived Parental Control and Risk-Taking From a Machine Learning Approach

The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship of parental control and risk-taking among emerging adults. Specifically, the study examined the differences between high risk-taking and normal college students in parental control, risk-taking, and risky decision-making.Data were drawn from 538 college students by using an online survey. The measurements included demographic questions,


A Study of the Need of Peer Group Supervision for Psychologists Working in the University in Taiwan

When psychologists facing crisis cases, they will look for individual supervisions. Sometimes, the institutions also provide group supervisions. However, the quality and the quantity of these supervisions are far more below their practical needs and cause some following problems: Stagnation of self-development, Insufficient professional growth, Unable to handle crisis cases, and Financial problems. In order


The Role of Social Support on Perceived Financial Hardship and Parental Behaviour: A Study on a Greek Population

The present study investigates the effects of perceived financial hardship (subjective) due to the economic crisis on parental behaviour, and the degree to which social support may work as a moderator of the relationship between perceived financial hardship and parental behaviour. The participants were 807 parents of children aged 6-12 years that attend Public Primary


Cognitive and Affective Disorder Among the Elderly in Assisted Living Facilities in Klang Valley, Malaysia

This research was conducted in privately-run assisted living facilities for the elderly in the Klang Valley, Malaysia to screen for cognitive disorder using the Mini-Cog assessment and affective disorder using the Patient Health Questionnaire-2. Besides finding the incidences of these disorders as well as the gender and race distribution among the sample, this research also


Influence of Familiarity and Social Sensitivity on Performance in a Consensus Game

In this study, we focused on familiarity and social sensitivity of group member, and we investigated how they affected performance a consensus game. A consensus game is one of communication game. Its purpose is to solve some problems by group discussion. In this experiment, we used the consensus game called “If you have distress in


Psychology Career Development Enhancement: A Case Study of the Fourth-Year Thai Undergraduate Class

With the work field of Psychology remaining at its budding stage within Thailand, psychology undergraduates— while increasing in number— reportedly experience difficulties identifying their future psychological works. The course “Career in Psychology” hence was offered, to assist students to explore their psychology career options. With the increased enrollment and course limited time resource, a classroom


Relationships Among Mindfulness, Suppression-Emotion Regulation, Reappraisal-Emotion Regulation, and Psychological Well-Being of the Thais

Recently, psychologists have conducted extensive research on positive psychology to determine how to best define well-being and a life well-lived. One such attempt was to identify psychological ingredients that contribute to psychological well-being. Such attempts remained very limited in Thailand, however. This research study hence aimed to establish relationships among psychological well-being, mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal,


How Tapping Affects Talking: Reversals of Action-language Interaction Effects

A growing body of research shows that there is a close functional connection between motor and language systems of the human brain. Behavioural and TMS investigations document a causal influence between language and motor systems, an influence that is bidirectional and which can be facilitatory or inhibitatory. While it is still not fully clear what


Relationships Among Rumination, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Depression in Thai University Students

In Thailand, depression and suicide attempts have been increasingly reported in undergraduates. Their causes are indicated, for example, as interpersonal problems, stress from study and intrapersonal thinking styles. However, there are some protective factors which worth the consideration. The current study, hence, aimed to explore the relationships that rumination, mindfulness and acceptance had with depression.