Category: Economic and Social Inequality


How to Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Succeed in a Foreign Culture? – A Multiple Case Study from a Norwegian Context

With increased globalisation and immigration, multiculturalism is the status quo for many western societies, and with this, challenges concerning integration and equality arise. In Norway, we generally have a low unemployment rate, 2,7% in 2018, but, the situation is somewhat different for one group; immigrants. For this group, the unemployment rate was 6,4% the same


Right-Wing Populism, Eco-Populism, and the Future of Environmentalism

My paper analyzes the populist rupture in what is generally understood as “normal politics” and the implications of this rupture for ecological theory and environmental policy. I draw on John Judis’ book “The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics” and other works to define populism generally as well as the