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Baby Hatches’, in Japan and Abroad: An Alternative to Harming Babies

A “baby hatch” system is prevalent worldwide. Mothers or parents, who cannot bring up a child by themselves, leave their baby in a safe space. This is a contentious issue in Japan and in many other countries. Its modern origin is found in the German “Babyklappe,” and the Japanese baby hatch is based on this


Can Science and Religion Ever Have Anything in Common?

The Age of Information, evolution and materialism have created an understanding about our world, which some believe has pitted Science squarely against the things of faith. But new scientific discoveries and the reinterpretation of existing phenomena by some scientists have upended traditional views on both sides of the argument. This is due to the discovery


Radical Acceptance as a Pathway to Change

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was designed in the 1990s for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental illness characterized by mood swings, unstable self-image, and impulsive behavior. Central to DBT is the belief that “reality is interrelated and connected, made of opposing forces, and always changing.” DBT pivots on the concept of “radical acceptance”,