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Potential Threats of Consumer Textiles

Local is global and global is local. With the acquaintance of globalization to the world, the perception of things and happenings has been varied and modified radically. With multidimensional rising reservations and challenges to ourselves the threats that textile industry proposes and promises acquire quite an important status, specially considering potential threats in everyday use consumer


Addressing Experiential Learning in the Classroom: An Example of Course Design and Implementation in Art History

Experiential Learning fosters off site learning, extending the student learning experience outside the classroom and beyond traditional learning. Embedded in an environment of guided reflection and critical thinking on one hand, and positive engagement and active learning on the other, EL is an essential tool for the application of in-class acquired knowledge and skills to


Neo-liberal Governance of Culture and Neo-Ottoman Management of Diversity in New Turkey

Neoliberalism and neoconservatism as two distinct political rationalities have formed a peculiar alliance and generated what Wendy Brown (2006; 2015) describes as “de-democratizing effects” in contemporary societies over the last two to three decades. In Turkey, under the Justice and Development Party’s rule, this alliance has a unique configuration combining the norms and values of


Written in Auschwitz; Case Study: The Writings of the Sonderkommando, The Political Prisoners, and Lili Kasticher All Written in Auschwitz

This study focuses on the works of three different groups of writers who dared to write in Auschwitz-Birkenau, where anyone caught with a piece of paper or a pencil stub was immediately sentenced to death. Accordingly, inmates produced virtually no written material (Shik, 2012), with certain rare exceptions: (1) The Sonderkommando, who documented everyday life


Noli Timere Draconem – How TRPGs Create Space to Play with Fear and Collaborative Storytelling

In the digital era, and the fourth industrial age, agency and ownership of storytelling has been shifting. How might we deal with the fears that bubble in these stories? The hypothesis of this doctoral research is that imagination is ‘eventified’ within roleplaying gameplay and can be shaped like a theatre performance, and therefore studied as


Amaro (Brazilian Returnees) and Cultural Diffusion in Lagos: A Study of Lagos-Pacific Cultural Relations

Amaro is the traditional word used to describe the Brazilian returnees whose advent in Lagos was an aftermath of the abolition of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. And since their return to Lagos they have succeeded in institutionalizing a replica of the Rio-carnival known in Lagos as the fanti carnival. This paper examines the advent of


Dance and Resistance in Tango and Reisado: Comparative Audio-Visual Research on Cultural Performance in Argentina and Brazil

Comparative audiovisual research, within Cultural Studies, has emerged in recent years as an interdisciplinary form of critic and social intervention. In Latin America, many of the cultural manifestations of the body, which had always been discredited in academic circles, are actually the center of interdisciplinary researching thanks to various audiovisual materials captured “in situ” by


The Concept of Political Power in Thailand’s Philosophy “Absolute Power Tends to Absolute Morality”: Obstacle of Thailand’s Democracy

In the late of 20 century, since the fall of The Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of political ideology era has come, liberal Democracy the worst form of government except for all those other forms having been tried from time to time became a political main idea and regarded


Creative Market in China: The Gathering Place of Folk Creative Forces in Contemporary Cities

This paper identifies the developing of Creative Market in China. Creative Market refers to such fair that displays and sells small creative objects for everyday use within a given time and venue. With fieldwork method the paper author carried out a tracking investigation Creative Market in China and applied the findings to the paper. This


Violence and Radicalisation in Communities: The Role of Multi-Agency Partnership in Detection and Prevention

After 37 murders in London during the first three months of 2018, and the 2017 UK terrorist attacks by religious extremists, concerned commentary on this state of affairs emerged in the media. This commentary questioned the Conservative Government cuts (LGA,2015) to public spending, including the Police, and posited this as a possible cause for the


Futurity, Fascism and Decolonial Ecologies in Recent Stories by Yuko Tsushima and Yoko Tawada

This presentation examines two recent, post-nuclear disaster short fictions from Japan : Yuko Tsushima’s ″Celebrating Cesium 137’s Half-Life (Hangenki wo iwatte, 2016),″ and Yoko Tawada’s″The Emissary (Kentoushi, 2014) ″. Both texts describe an isolated, totalitarian Japanese society of the near future where technoscientific progress has stopped. ″Cs137’s Half-Life ″ envisions a Dr.Strangelove-like chronotope where a


New Approach of Using Social Media in Graphic Design at the Higher Education in Sultanate of Oman

Over the past decade, Social media has supported education and has become the most common means of digital communication, articulating the advantages and disadvantages of its different platforms for instructors and students to sustain confidentiality and provide tips for applying social media-based teaching into the training curriculum. From this point of view; this research explores