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Assessing Online Study Abroad: Assessing Japanese University Students’ Online Study Abroad and the Future of Study Abroad Post-Corona

This study reflects on the experiences of students and instructors on the online international exchange program at a Japanese university during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a mixed methods approach incorporating both survey and interview data, I report on student and instructor perceptions and reflections of distance learning experiences of courses held online at a Japanese


The Professional Identity and Roles of CALL Teachers: Issues and Evolution

Professional teachers’ identity is a combination of instructional goals, pedagogical decisions, based on integrating their theoretical and pedagogical knowledge, values, and contextual features of their classroom (Pennington & Richards, 2016). It is a context-related concept, strictly connected to the environment (Shafiee et al. 2022), physical or virtual classroom, where the teaching process takes place. During


Online Language Learning in the Time of COVID: Instructor and Student Perspectives

While computer assisted language learning has been a long-established form of instruction (Chapelle, 2005; Lim & Aryadoust, 2022), this mode of learning surged during the recent pandemic when in-person instruction was rapidly shifted online. While the process of planning for online language instruction has been studied in detail (Pawan et al., 2016), the sudden migration


Digital Storytelling for Better Language Learning in a Post Pandemic World

The purpose of this research is to compare digital storytelling (DST) in a remote course, held in the Spring term of 2022 during the pandemic, with that of a traditional face to face (F2F) course, held in the Fall term of 2019 before the pandemic, in terms of student learning motivation. The findings suggest how