Category: Cross-Cultural Communication


Exploring International Programme Students’ Intercultural Communication Competence in Thailand

The purpose of this study is to explore the international students’ Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC) in the international programme at a private university in Thailand as to whether they can adapt and utilize their abilities effectively and appropriately when interacting among people from various different cultural backgrounds in terms of knowledge, attitudes, skills and awareness.


Cross Cultural Communication

With the imperatives of globalization, it has become inevitable that people of diverse cultures, backgrounds & linguistic orientations will meet and interact with each other at some juncture whether it is an educational institution, trading or companies having diverse work force participating in global economy. Where different perspectives cross ways, it becomes essential for thoughts


Milieu Disparity between Author and Reader Generates Complexity: ESP & ELT as a Case Study

The aim of this paper is to have a deep insight for the necessities of Islamic linguistic skills in terms of moral modifications and cultural relevancies for the improvement of ELT materials. The paper highlights the required assessments for the current need of English language for Muslims on all dimensions of ELT problems. This is


How Far Does the Influence of Cultural Differences Go on the Implementation and Outcome of a Pedagogical Approach? Implications from Two ESL Classrooms

While contextual influences on teaching and learning are now widely recognized, it is interesting to see how far such influences may go. To investigate how far cultural differences may affect the implementation and impact of a pedagogical approach, a study was conducted in the naturalistic settings of two ESL writing classrooms at the same grade