Category: Critical and Cultural Studies


Communication for Maintaining Ethnic Identity of the Siamese-Malaysian Community in Malaysia

This article explains that in the changing context of society the Siamese-Malaysian community can maintain their efficient community among the multi-cultural races. They have cultivated and built the awareness of historical context in order to construct the collective meaning of their ethnicity. They conserve cultural context that is the meaning and value of their national


Female Masculinity and the Image of Women in the Chinese Cultural Revolution

My current research investigates the influence of the Cultural Revolution on the image of women in Chinese film and television. The paradigm used in this paper to examine this is the concept of “female masculinity”, which I theorize as a specific female identity that advocates masculinity (or that women internalize and embody masculine values). Postmodern


I Love You, Bro: The [Mis]Representation of Male-Bonding in Boy Bands through their Music

The intricacies of defining a relationship between the same sex often yield to misperceptions of gender preference of that individual who is living in a heteronormative society. The so-called male-bond or ‘bromance’ which typically exists in boy bands have ample time to stay together and to get attached. With this, an inevitable question has been