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Teaching Positive Psychology: Successes and Challenges in Implementing Two Introductory Short Courses at Waseda University, Japan

Diverging from the ‘deficit’ model prominent in much of 20th century psychology, positive psychology may be defined as the scientific study of positive human phenomena – including happiness, hope, and human potentials. Since its emergence in the 1990s, positive psychology has undergone a rapid proliferation in theory, research, and applications. Parallel with this, there has


The Matrix of Education, Power and Empowerment: Where Do We Stand?

The Matrix of Education, Power and Empowerment: Where do we stand? Traversing the matrix of ‘education’, ‘power’ and ‘empowerment’ brings us to some understanding of each and their nature, for example, all of them have some implicit value dimension . Interestingly, ‘empowerment’ has ‘power’ as core word, but ‘empowerment’ is widely preferred, used and more


School Space and Cross Religious Communication in Provoking Sense of Mutual Respect; Case of a Faith-Based School in Jayapura, Indonesia

Religious conflict in Papua mostly found in symbolic and narrative encountered, and public spaces in society for all religions to socialise and interact are limited, unequal and clogged, resulted on strong claims of certain religion on life spaces by filling city spaces with symbols of a certain religion. Upon the limitation of spaces, at formal


Igbo Dialect Constraints in Indigenous Language Education in Nigeria: A Case Study of Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Nigeria

This paper examined the impediments confronting the development of Igbo as language of Education at public secondary school level in Imo State, Nigeria.Data was extracted from a sample of 100 subjects in 10 secondary schools in Imo State. Questionnaire and Interview techniques were utilised in this research. Information gathered were analysed using a 4-scale likert


Expedition Theory: Bridging Teaching and Learning for Aesthetic Development

This paper is gleaned from years of learning through various styles and limited experience as a design educator. A myth was broken in an effort to ‘educate design students’. ‘Teaching’ and ‘Learning’ are not equal experiences as both are driven by entirely different motivations. In spite of a teacher’s good intentions to inspire students to


What Precludes Community of Practice from Functioning?

This paper presents a qualitative case study about the early experiences of newly graduated teachers of English in post-conflict Libya. The research question is what are the newly graduated teachers’ perceptions of their experiences during their first year of teaching in post- conflict Libya? The methods employed were: semi-structured interviews, observations and documents. English Language