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Striving for Energy Autonomy? An Empirical Investigation of Homeowners’ Drivers and Barriers to Participation in Community Energy Systems in Germany

Despite extensive political funding programs, the energy consumption in Germany for space heating and hot water stagnated on a high level of 870 TWh over the past few years and even exceeded the level of 2010. To reduce consumption and meeting energy-efficiency goals, private homeowners need to participate in community energy systems (CES). However, homeowners’


Prospects for Nuclear Energy Policy in Australia

During the May 2019 national election campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison denied his Liberal-National Party (LNP) government had any intention to pursue nuclear power for Australia. An official ban on nuclear power remains in place, but following the election, a parliamentary inquiry into nuclear energy was announced, to be delivered by the end of 2019. This


Fostering Sustainability Through Renewable Energy Resource Development: The Law and Policy in Nigeria

Renewable energy sources (RES) exploitation and utilization is the hallmark of sustainable development in any country around the globe. The need to decarbonize Nigeria’s energy base through the utilization of RES to ensure sustainability cannot be overemphasized. In the last two decades, the Nigerian Government has shown keen interest in renewable energy resource development by


An Analysis of the Possibility to Achieve the Specified Indonesian Renewable Energy Development Target

Is it possible to achieve the specified Indonesian renewable energy development target? An analysis of constraints and recommendations for accelerating the development of renewable energy in Indonesia Indonesia has ratified a number of international agreements, for instance on Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals, and has also announced its long-term National Energy Policy (through