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Using Bean Counting Activity to Teach Binomial Distribution

Since the 1980s, many academics have engaged in the research of statistics education. The underlying reason is that there was an increasing number of students taking introductory statistics courses, which stimulated the need to improve the teaching of statistics courses. Some researchers have suggested that teachers should focus more on concepts by designing more active


Students’ Perceptions of Research Integration in Graduate Education

The shape of education changed with time as the world opened to borderless, distance, and virtual learning. The confinement of students in the four-cornered classrooms transformed to globalized educational milieu. Side by side with the structural and instructional transformations of education emerged new pedagogical principles and paradigms at all levels in the hierarchy of academic


The Effects of Long-Term Study Abroad on Second Language Identity: The Case of Korean International Students in Australia

In this globalisation era, the number of people studying abroad is growing rapidly. The context of study abroad in the construction of one’s second language identity itself is particularly important. As for the majority of learners who are studying abroad, their efforts to engage and interact in their second language are creating natural effects in


Can Video-Conferencing Mediated Learning Improve Students’ Oral Ability? A Study on a Learning Chinese as Foreign Language Program

The researchers conducted a distance video-conferencing instructional design in which 45 Chinese language learners in the US and 27 Chinese language pre-service teachers in Taiwan completed a series of collaborative assignments. Under this video-conferencing design, Chinese language learners could exercise the target language, and Chinese language pre-service teachers could also practice teaching foreign students. The


Development of Mobile Royal Thai Armed Forces Personal Information Software on Android

The purpose of this research is to development of Mobile Royal Thai Armed Forces Personal Information Software on Android. As Thai military regulations, it has determined that all military personnel of RTARF HQ must submit their updated personal information annually on their birth-date to assemble accurate information on both paper and a computer information system.


Feasibility Study of Gamification in Primary School Curriculum Design in Hong Kong

Growing up with digital technology, primary school students expect education should be immersed into ICT and STEM. According to recent local research conducted by The University of Hong Kong, students are addicted to gaming, spending more than three days per week on average. To steer students back to study, curriculum design needs to be reformed


Taiwanese University Students’ Retrospective Evaluation of a Textbook in Use

In Taiwanese EFL contexts, textbooks play an important role in the classroom. As teachers, textbooks provide learners with a resource of L2 input either in the classroom or outside the classroom. A recently published textbook, Reading Time: A Strategic Approach to Reading in English, needs to be evaluated from the perspective of its users. The


Level of Satisfaction of Employers on the Work Performance of NWU-CTE Graduates

This study aimed to identify the level of satisfaction on the work performance of NWU-CTE graduates along the 21st Century Skills. The descriptive survey method was used through the combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The questionnaire consisted of the 21st Century Learning Skills which were adopted and modified from the framework of the 21st


The Effect of Project-Based Learning Using Cloud Computing to Enhance Collaborative Skills

Learning by doing is an ideal key factor for acquiring knowledge of people through practice from their own experiences. It would introduce a beneficial outcome to students as the learning ability. Thus, this study investigated the effect of combining a Project-Based Learning (PjBL) with Cloud Computing on students’ collaborative skills in an undergraduate course. Based


Set Up a Bridge Between the Classroom and the Real World

The research project intended to integrate the realities and theories of service learning, training methods and curricula, interdisciplinary research results in Industry-university cooperation, betterness education, and social expectations to create a new pedagogical praxis research platform. For the new generation with a fierce competition, how to enhance the ability to survive is an important issue


The Common Edible Shellfish Recognition System Applying Laser Measurement

Image recognition has been widely applied to sorts of fields. Nevertheless, the most common characteristics of image recognition, such as color, corner and texture, are liable to be affected by illumination and the light of background leading to bias the recognized consequences. In recent years the technology of three-dimensional scanning has developed increasingly mature which


Developing Peer Reviews Skills in EFL Writing

The use of peer review in EFL writing helps develop analytical skills and a greater sense of agency in foreign language students. Many EFL students lack peer review skills and so teachers need to encourage these skills in their students through the use of rubrics, or component-based analysis, and checklists of common student errors. Peer


A Strategic Framework for 3-D Print Application and Business Model in Taiwan

In this article, the authors develop a conceptual framework for 3-D Print Supply Chain Application and Business Model that helps broaden the understanding of the 3-D Print industry and its role in enhancing and integrating manufacturing and service industries in Taiwan. After review the current literature on additive manufacturing technology Industry, that is, 3-D printing


Listening Comprehension Difficulties of College Students: Basis for Remediation Strategies in the Classroom

This is a descriptive research that gathered quantitative as well as qualitative data on the listening comprehension difficulties frequently experienced by selected college students enrolled in the College of Education. Results of the investigation reveal that the students often experienced difficulties in listening to aurally-presented texts due to the physical setting that is noisy and


Preparing Globally Work Ready Allied Health Care Graduates: Technology as a Useful Teaching Tool for Allied Health Educators

Global education requires collaborative, standardized and flexible teaching pedagogies fit for purpose to each local community. International development and globalization of sustainable teaching and learning strategies in higher education result in a work-ready universal workforce with good soft and human skills. Educational initiatives and use of technology are essential to train self-directed lifelong learners with