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The Use of Facebook’s Closed Groups in Studying Cases in American Foreign Policy

In Foreign Policy (FP) Courses, the study of a case plays a significant role in not only keeping the students well-informed about the current situations but also helping them comprehend, analyze and evaluate the FP theories and frameworks they have been taught. As one practical way to overcome the time, space and resource limitations of


Enhancing English Language Teaching and Learning Through Ipadagogy

English Language Teaching and Learning has evolved in contemporary times, and shifts in society have partly influenced this evolution. This descriptive study examined the instructional and learning practices in English Language classes of a school which has adopted and implemented since 2016 the 1:1 Learning with iPad initiative in all learning areas. To assess the


The Empirical Study of a SPOC Embedded Flipped Classroom Model for College Intercultural Communication Course: Perceptions of Students

Higher education in China has experienced a significant transformation from an elite educational system to a stage of massification since the first decade of the 21st century. In 2007, the Department of Higher Education launched the College English Curriculum Requirements, promoting “a computer-assisted and classroom-based teaching model” (p. 8). A Small Private Online Course (SPOC)


The Development of an Instructional Design Model on Facebook-Based Collaborative Learning to Enhance EFL Student’s Writing Skills

Writing is one of the essential skills that EFL students, specifically in Thailand, need to achieve during their learning English at tertiary education. However, they have few chances to practice writing skills. As many people explore its potential, Facebook can be a great way for both educators and students with writing. This study aims to