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South Korea Gimhae City Color Palette of Representative Colours and Symbolic Colour Development

City colors analysis and guidelines development is a way to assist the city to become more sustainable and be developed with an excel city image and living environment. Especially for Gimhae, a city in South Korea has high cultural properties from both tradition and modern era due to Gaya Kingdom’s culture. Through an analysis on


The Dimensions of Childhood in Modern Architecture: From Urban Scales to Domestic Spaces

According to many authors, architecture is more than meets the eye: it is the image of a certain historical, cultural, and social context, as it reflects the ideals and longings of the society by which it is built and inhabited. In the eventful years of the 20th century, amid a context punctuated by the horrors of


The Impacts of Globalization on Urban Peripheral Villages of Iran

Globalization as an ongoing economic, social, political and technological process has various impacts around the world, which its quantity and quality has been different in terms of various countries conditions. One of these impacts is spatial transformation of urban peripheral villages. The objective of this research is considering factors affecting spatial transformation of Iran’s urban


Urban Aspirations: A Field View from the Margins of the City

Indian cities are transforming rapidly. Though there is a huge variation between the transformation of various cities but metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai are witnessing major changes as they are making their ways into the global economic networks. These transformations are not apolitical in nature rather represent the imaginations of the people occupying dominant city