Preliminary Study of 3D Base Navigation Websites Development – Use 3D Virtual Temple Navigate Websites For Example


From now on, website display still uses interface visual effects as the main appeal, its goal aims to attract user's browsing interest, but in actuality, the website display is still in 2D images, text-based presentation. Hence this research will build a full 3D base virtual temple website and move the religious spirit of the actual temple, activities development to the Internet.Whether it is temple festivals or blessing will all build in full 3D Virtualization then brought network interaction, information and even gameplay to "the 3D base virtual temple websites" for development cloud Religion and applied it to smart mobile device platforms, let the busy modern spiritual sustenance at all.

Keyword: Virtualization、Interactive、Smart mobile devices

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Hsuan-Jan Kao, Tatung University, Taiwan

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Conference: ACP2013
Stream: Psychology

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