Effect of Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Reducing Symptom of Craving and the Level Dependency in People with Substance Use Disorder


The numbers of young people who are addicted to drugs in Bali, Indonesia has been increasing every year and it has reached very concerning numbers. Not only the prevention of spreading drug use needs to be focused on but also the management for those who are already using drugs, so they can be productive and free from their addiction. The healing process for the people with substance use disorder is a difficult process. Relapse could occur during the process. With the support from family and friends and high motivation and will from the patients, the relapse will be able to be minimized. This study aims to determine the impact of Transpersonal Psychotherapy in people with substance use disorder. The intervention given to reduce the symptoms of craving so they continue to decrease the level of dependence on the addictive substances. The study will also aim to accelerate and facilitate the healing process. The method of this study is using the experiment method with single case experiments’ approach. There are 10 subject and interventions administered for 5 weeks. Intervention given is Transpersonal Psychotherapy, healing through Pure Awareness. The expected outcome of this research is that the pain is reduced for patients going through the withdrawal conditions and it will affect the level of dependence on the drug. Detailed results and implications will be discussed further in a comprehensive manner.

Keywords: Addiction, Craving, Substance Use Disorder, Transpersonal Psychotherapy

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I Gusti Ayu Diah Fridari, Udayana University, Indonesia

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Conference: ACP2013
Stream: Psychology

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