The New Style of Hybridity in Global Village – Two Cases of Studies of Both Techno Nezha and Old Master Q Puppet Theater


By the rapid flow of internet and media, McDonaldization has somehow mixed with local cultures everywhere. Culture represents our whole life, and nowadays people express their traditional culture by using modern tools and images. We have created a new style called "Hybridity", which was introduced by Homi K. Bhabha, especially in refernce to the global village. Some traditional cultural performances show global homogeneity in their appearance, yet with tradition still inside. We can say these are a traditional revitalization, but there is a secret worry hidden within this process - that every local culture may evolve toward and manipulate same the symbols, for example like the same Hollywood story, cartoon, even famous brands. We may face a dilemma between cultural diversity and modernizations impact.This study cited two traditional cultures in Taiwan as following:1.The new style of Traditional Taiwan Puppet Theater. Wang, Ying-Chun created the Old Master Q Puppet, which is a well-known series of comics around Hung Kang and Taiwan.2.The new style of Marshal Nezha, the Taiwanese folklore God. The Nezha parade combined with techno, and decorated with white gloves and sunglasses, even ride on motorcycles.

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Leo Yuan, Mingdao University, Taiwan

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Conference: ACCS2014
Stream: Cultural Studies

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