Botho/Ubuntu: Perspectives of Black Consciousness and Black Theology


Botho or Ubuntu is a philosophy that is as old as humanity itself. In South Africa this is a philosophy and a way of life for black people. It is a call for black people to rally around one another in a communal way. The arrival of colonialists and missionaries in South Africa introduced materialism, capitalism and individualism that alienated them from one another. Black Consciouness and Black Theology advocated in the sixties made a deliberate and conscious effort to encourage blacks to rally around their blackness as the only way they could untie the shackels of oppression, be they political, religious, cultural, economic and otherwise. They would then be in the position to claim back their identity and rediscover their connectedness as blacks. In that way, they would be able to go back to their roots and become a caring and compassionate people as their forebearers had been. It was hoped that white people in South Africa would also be converted to the way of life advocated by Black Consciousness and Black Theology.

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Ramathate Dolamo, University of South Africa, South Africa

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Conference: ACAH2013
Stream: Arts & Humanities

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