The content analysis of sex, violence, and the use of language in television programs rated as G (General): for all ages


This study is a content analysis research that analyzes inappropriate expression in the content of television programs rated as "G (General) : for all ages" in three dimensions : sex, language, and violence. The sample comprises of 52 G-rated television programs aired on six free-to-air national television stations in Thailand ; Channel 3, Channel 5 (Royal Thai Army Radio and Television), Channel 7, Modern 9 TV, Channel 11(National Broadcasting Services of Thailand) and Thai PBS (Thai Public Broadcasting Service).
The study found that the "G-rated" programs still contained inappropriate expression for children on the average of 2.63 times per program. The program genre that contained most inappropriate expressions was found to be entertainment series, both drama and comedy series, which were aired during prime time period (7.00-10.30 P.M.). Entertainment-oriented programs of channel 3 and 7 contained more amounts of the inappropriate content than other stations, while public-interest oriented programs of Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), and the National Broadcasting service of Thailand (channel 11) contained the least amount of inappropriate expression. Finally, it is concluded that even G-rated programs still contained inappropriate expression for children, indicating ineffective rating system for some of the stations, resulting in incongruent designation of the program's symbol and the content it contained.

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Arada Karuchit, Thammasat University, Thailand

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Conference: ACAH2013
Stream: Arts & Humanities

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