ISSN: 2758-0962 The Paris Conference on Education 2022: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 24th, 2022

PCE2022 – La Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France
Thursday, June 16 - Sunday, June 19, 2022
ISSN: 2758-0962

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Proceedings Contents

Design Options and Learning Analytic Pathways in Doing Agile Scrum Team Work in Education
Rob Loke
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.1)
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The Relationship Between Cognitive Linguistic Approach and Right-Hemisphere of the Brain in Developing EFL Learners’ Pragmatic Proficiency
Masahiro Takimoto
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.2)
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health and Professional Performance of Teachers
Pavel Andres
Dana Dobrovská
David Vaněček
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.3)
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Use of Comics for Enhancing Productive Skills and Motivation in Dental Students
Vladimir Gutiérrez
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.4)
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The Rising Importance of Soft Skills for IT-Students: Working Online in Agile Globally Distributed Teams During the Pandemic
Yana Moroshan
Patricia Brockmann
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.5)
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Interrelation Between Working Memory & Consciousness Consequent SLA
Wafaa Metwalli
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.6)
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The Use of Technology to Overcome Transitional Challenges of First Year Students From Face-to-Face to Online
Munienge Mbodila
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.7)
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Teaching Real-Time Programming for Embedded Microcontrollers by Using Cloud-Based Simulator
Samuel Kosolapov
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.8)
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Effectiveness of Bite-Sized Learning for Organisations: The Certis Continuing Professional Development Case Study
Kenneth Tan
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.9)
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Understanding Pain by Working It Out: Teaching Literature Interactively to Build Resilience
Amy Lee
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.10)
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Resilient Modelling for Sustainability Communication: Developing an Adaptive Organization Sustainability Communication Model (OSCM)
Kwok Pak Keung
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.11)
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Students’ Experience Two Years Into the Pandemic at a Bulgarian University
Hoang Nam Tran
Katya Marinova
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.12)
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21st Century Education Model: We Need Museums Now More Than Ever
Victorino Morales Dávila
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.13)
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Cross Cultural Learning Experiences Among Graduate Students in the US and France: A Case Study
Pavan John Antony
Jessica E. Lament
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.14)
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The Impact of the COVID-19 on Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy and Their Attitudes Towards Online Learning
Nguyen Hanh Ly
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.15)
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Designing a Curriculum With Custom and Present Virtual Reality
Renaldi Gondosubroto
Ya-Ching Chan
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.17)
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To What Extent Lebanese University Students Consider Themselves as Intercultural Communicators
Najwa Saba 'Ayon
Grasiella Harb
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.18)
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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Trauma-Informed English Language Teaching to Adults
Victoria Wilson
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.19)
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Why Parents Do What They Do: Developing and Validating a Survey for the Mathematical Lives of Parents and Children
Anastasia Betts
Ji-Won Son
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.20)
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Envisioning the Future: Ten Keys to Enhance Resilience Predictors Among Inmates
Tania Di Giuseppe
Giulia Perasso
Alessandro Maculan
Francesca Vianello
Patrizio Paoletti
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.21)
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Interpreting International Students’ Experiences in Terms of Their Higher Education Academic Integration
Jennyfer Paola Casas Trujillo
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.22)
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University Students’ Perceptions of Using a Communication Platform for English Speaking Courses
Dylan Sung
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.23)
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Exploring a Standardized Training Framework That Provides Individualized Student Experiences
Michelle J. Cummings-Koether
Oscar Blanco
James Larson
Ayelen V. Tocano Juanes
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.24)
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Identifying Ideologies of War and Peace in EFL Reading Material for Peace Education: Transitivity Analysis Within Systemic Functional Linguistics
Koji Osawa
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.25)
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Professional Development of Teachers: Comparison of Czech and Russian Educational Systems
Natalia Dombinskaya
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0962.2022.26)
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