ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii – 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: March 11th, 2016

IICEHawaii2016, Hawaii, USA
Conference Themes 2016: “Education and Social Justice: Learning and Teaching for Change”
Friday, January 8 - Monday, January 11, 2016
ISSN: 2189-1036


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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Can you be Prejudiced Against your Own Students? Measuring Teacher's Unconscious
Bias in the Classroom

Ali H. Al-Hoorie

English as a Co-Language: Perspectives by the Foreign Language Learner
Bryan Hahn

Including Students with Disabilities: Attitudes of Typically Developing Children
and of Parents of Children with and Without Special Educational Needs

Georgios Moutsinas

Transnational Higher Education - Lingustic Negotiations
Christine Szwed

A Factor Analysis of the Transformational Leadership among Undergraduate Student
Leaders in Thailand

Thanin Ratanaolarn

Development of Instruction Based on Active Citizen Project
Singh Singkhajorn

Development of an Instructional Model Based on Television Creative
Sanpach Jiarananon

Education Development in Bankruptcy Code by Using Role
Piboon Vitoonpanyakul

Time Management in Higher Education - A Challenge for Academic Leaders
Thomas Pettersson
Daniel Skog

Pitfalls of Enthusiasm: Questioning our Assumptions By Reflecting
on our own Research Practices

Francesco Fabbro
Elaine Correa
Alberto Agosti

Promoting Self-Esteem Among Culturally Diverse Kinder Children by Exploring
the Background of their Names

Mariana Boules

The Development of Application for Thai-ASEAN Neighboring Language-
English Common Base Concepts Wordnet of 1st Order Entity

Panornuang Sudasna Na Ayudhya

Negotiating Gender Roles in Intercultural Communication in Qatar
Irene Theodoropoulou
Iglal Ahmed

The Comparison of Childrens Caloric Expenditure During Elementary Physical
Education Class and Free-Choice Recess Time

Shannon Simmons
Megan Turner

Some Insights into a Peer Mentoring Programme
Roshila Singh

Predicting Teachers' ICT Integration in the Classroom
Cheeraporn Sangkawetai
Ravinder Koul
Jariya Neanchaleay

Media Education - A Major Challenge for our Era
Mireille Carrere

School and Family Involvement in Educational Practices in French Polynesia
Rodica Ailincai
Zehra Gabillon
Jacques Vernaudon
Mirose Paia
Maurizio Ali

Gerontological Educational Work in the Context of Neighbourhood Community Work -
A Reliable Path towards Greater Social Equality and Empowerment

Christiane Bahr

Comparing Labour Market Expectations and VET Qualification in the NecVET
European Project

Giuseppe Chiazzese
Taner Aşçı
Davide Taibi