ISSN: 2188-112X The European Conference on Language Learning 2019: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 26th, 2019

ECLL2019 Birkbeck, University of London & University College London, London, United Kingdom
ECLL2019 Conference Theme: "Independence & Interdependence"
Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21, 2019
ISSN: 2188-112X

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Role of Progressive Aspect in the Definitions of Stative and Dynamic Verb
Muhammad Imran
Mamuna Ghani
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Strategic Model of English Language Learning Activities to Enhance Tour
Guide Skills of Thai Youth: A Case Study in Cultural Tourism Community at
ThaKha, Amphawa, Samuthsongkram, Thailand

Nunthawadee Wongsathian
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Modern Foreign Language Learning: The Impact of Parental Orientations on
Student Motivation

Christopher Martin
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Speech Production and Language Learning of Special and Normal Children in
Two Nursery and Primary Schools in Osun State, Nigeria

Abosede Adebola Otemuyiwa
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Culturally Appropriate Pedagogy on L2/FL Learning for Confucian Heritage
Culture (CHC) Influenced Students

Edward Y.W. Chu
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The Influence of Curriculum and Student–teacher Relationships on Academic

Misa Otsuka
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Research and Practice on the Blended Teaching Mode of College English
Based on the MOOC + SPOC Platform

Xue Li
Jinghui Wang
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Understanding and Characterising a Context-based EFL Learner Autonomy in
Algerian Higher Education

Abdelkader Chetouane
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Foreign Language Anxiety in e-Tandem Learners: Is It Predictable?
Blanca Cristòfol Garcia
Christine Appel
Daniel Liviano-Solís
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Introducing Gamification to Increase Student Motivation and Engagement
Sophie Farag
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Increasing Student Independence and Interdependence in Multidisciplinary
Language Courses

Snéjina Sonina
Sylvia Mittler
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Supporting 21st Century Skills in Language and Literacy Classrooms with a
Multiliteracies Approach

Russell Hazard
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A Pragmatic Study of Euphemisms in A Dream of Red Mansions with a Rappor
Management Approach: Cultural Independence and Interdependence

Xiaoling Liu
Fang He
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The Change In Accentual Patterns In Certain English Words - A Diachronic

Roopa Suzana
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Raising Pre-service English Language Teachers’ Research Literacy
Competencies in a Teacher Education Program

Meryem Mirioğlu
Cemile Buğra
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Beyond Traditional Approaches and Methodologies: The New Roles of Texts
Natalia Zajaczkowska
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Writing in English with Help
Midori Mashiyama
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How Teachers’ Reflective Inquiries Help them Facilitate Transfer Skills
Achievement in Students’ Academic and Non-academic Pathways?

Mitra Rabiee
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British Students’ Identity Transition in Learning Chinese as a Foreign

Mengke Li
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Personal and Collective Narrative Meaning Making in the EFL Classroom
Licia Masoni
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Promoting Student Autonomy and the Co-creation of the L2 Class Through
Linguistic Theory

Luzia Dominguez
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