ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2017: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 4th, 2017

ECE2017 The Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton, United Kingdom
ECE2017 Conference Theme: “Educating for Change”
Friday, June 30 - Sunday, July 02, 2017
ISSN: 2188-1162

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Effects of Social Studies Instruction Using Case Study Method on Democracy concepts and Critical Thinking Abilities of Secondary School Students
Warut Intarit
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Learning to Talk, Talking to Learn: An Action Research Project to Investigate How Practitioners’ Interactions with Children Under Six Support the Development of Language and Communication Skills through a Play based Approach to Learning within a Formalised School Environment
Alicia Blanco-Bayo
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The Dynamics for Differential Performance of Secondary School Students in Mathematics
Amos Adewale Ojo
Odunayo Emmanuel Popoola
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Impact of Semiotic Analysis of Images on Students: A Case Study of Images Published in Time Magazine, Asia
Nayer Fardows
Sarah Nayer
Shakeel Jaffar
Rakhil Mariam
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ASEAN Economic Community: An Analysis of Trends and Challenges For Thai Higher Education Institutions
Prapassara Thanosawan
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Seeking the Meaning of Global Citizenship: Selected Findings From Case Study Research Within a Japanese University
Paul D. Sherman
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English Language Development and Academic Integrity - Making the Connection
Beena Giridharan
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Reification of Social Privilege in International Volunteerism
Stephanie Katelyn Sisson
Ee Lin Lee
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Confronting Students’ Science Anxiety through “In Dialogue with Nature”
Wan Heng Sandy Hoi
Wing Hung Wong
Kam Moon Pang
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How to Support Collaboration in a Learning Community
Heli Makkonen
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Pedagogical Credo Based on Feminist Pedagogy as a Way to Voice Personal Identities
Sigal Oppenhaim-Shachar
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Development of an Online Platform for Understanding Students’ Weaknesses
YM Tang
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Depth of Teachers’ Subject Content and Pedagogical Knowledge as Predictors of Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Kwara State, Nigeria
Felicia Olabisi Olasehinde-Williams
Lasiele Alabi Yahaya
Henry Olumuyiwa Owolabi
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Interactive Learning, Teaching and Assessment Using Socrative
Dilshad Sarwar
Amin Hosseinian-Far
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Friendship As a Determinant of Supporting an Inclusive Approach in Kindergarten
Dominika Provazkova Stolinska
Miluše Rašková
Eva Šmelová
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Changing Perspectives: Contemporary Art Practices in Primary and Secondary Art Classrooms
Chor Leng Twardzik Ching
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An Overview of Narrative Research Methodology with Underprivileged Youth in an Out-of –School Visual Arts Programme in Singapore
Vincent Twardzik Ching
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Learning CAT Tools Using eLearning Tools – A Case Study
Isabel Fernandes Silva
Ana Luísa Teixeira
Célia Quintas
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Negotiation Strategies to Support Misbehaving Children:
The “Deal” Strategy

Mariana Boules
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Achieving Sustainability Learning through a Cloud-Based Online Learning Platform
George T. S. Ho
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Needed Interventions for More Effective Counsellors' Role Performance in the School System in Edo and Delta States of Nigeria
Agatha Ojeme
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We are All Related: Course Design for Reconciliation –
Indigenous Teachings Nehiyaw (Cree) and Critical Thinking

Janice Makokis
Kathryn Campbell
Diana Steinhauer
Diane P. Janes
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Sustainability Education (SE) in Primary School Curriculum in Tanzania:
Exploring Teachers’ Views and Perceptions

Aurelia Raphael Kimaro
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The Use of Digital Means in the Teaching and Learning of
Multiplatform and Social Media News Reporting

Ainara Larrondo
Irati Agirreazkuenaga
Simon Peña
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Innovative Pupils! Documentary Research on Teaching and Learning Approaches for Innovativeness
Claudia Scharf
Swantje Weis
Inga Gryl
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Education of Teachers of Inclusive Pre-Schools in the Czech Republic
Eva Smelova
Alena Vavrdova
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Does the Economic Crisis Affect Greek Adolescents’ Academic Performance? An EST Approach
Tanya M. Geritsidou
Despina Paizi
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The Effect of Stimulating Children’s Brains Using Digital Games on Their Information Retention
Ahmad Hammoud
Ahmad Shatila
Nisrine Adada
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Learning Needs in the Modern Edutainment System (On the Base of Partworks)
Iuliia Dracheva
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The Packaging Design Factors to Reduce Alcohol Campaign for Youth People: A Case Study of Packaging Design’s Classroom
Wichanat Tiwasing
Kevin Hapeshi
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Re-Thinking the Student Teaching Curriculum: Using Field-Based Instruction to Help Candidates Notice, Acknowledge, And Address Bias in the Classroom
Elizabeth Soslau
Nicholas Bell
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Te Wānanga o Raukawa: Transforming the Colonial State of New Zealand
Through Education

Annabel Lucy Mikaere
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The Influence of Educational Psychology Variables on Student Grades in an Introductory Economics Course
Ahmad A. Kader
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Measuring Classroom Pedagogical Transformations when “Educating for
Change?” A Lesson from Singapore

Denise E. De Souza
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An Experimental Learning Model for Rfid
C.H. Wu
Tommy Cheung
P.P.L. Leung
W.Y. Lau
W.H. Ip
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Automatic Assessment of Programming Assignments to Enable New Educational Paradigms
José Cardoso
João Carlos Pascoal Faria
Bruno Miguel Carvalhido Lima
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Towards a Poetics of Empathy: Literary Fiction as a Transformative Experience
Cynthia F. Wong
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A Comparison of the Use of Social Media in China and UK Higher Education in Art and Design Subjects
Zhifen Di
Minhua Ma
Wei Zhao
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