ISSN: 2188-1111 – The European Conference on Arts & Humanities 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 13th, 2018

ECAH2018 The Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton, United Kingdom
ECAH2018 Conference Theme: “Fearful Futures”
Monday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 10, 2018
ISSN: 2188-1111

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Potential Threats of Consumer Textiles
Asna Mubashra
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Neoliberal Governance of Culture and Neo-Ottoman Management of Diversity in New Turkey
Chien Yang Erdem
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Amaro (Brazilian Returnees) and Cultural Diffusion in Lagos: A Study of Lagos-Pacific Cultural Relations
Bashir Olalekan Animashaun
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Written in Auschwitz Case Study: Works Written in Auschwitz by Sonderkommando Participants, Polish Political Prisoners and Lili Kasticher
Lily Halpert Zamir
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Noli Timere Draconem - How TRPGs Create Space to Play with Fear and Collaborative Storytelling
Tristan Jacobs
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Dance and Resistance in Tango and Reisado: Comparative Audio-Visual Research on Cultural Performance in Argentina and Brazil
Natacha Muriel López Gallucci
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The Concept of Political Power in Thailand s’ Philosophy “Absolute Power Tends to Absolute Morality”: Obstacle of Thailand s’ Liberal Democracy
Chanin Maneedam
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Creative Market: A Gathering Place for Folk Creative Forces in Contemporary Cities
Xiaofan Gong
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Violence and Radicalisation in Communities: The Role of Multi-Agency Partnership in Detection and Prevention
Sue Roberts
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New Approach of Using Social Media in Graphic Design at the Higher Education in Sultanate of Oman
Salman Alhajri
Heba Mansour
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