ISSN: 2186-2311 The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 14th, 2016

ACSEE2016 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: "Justice and Sustainability"
Thursday, June 9 - Sunday, June 12 2016
ISSN: 2186-2311


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Corporate Social Responsibility Politics in Small and Medium-sized Companies from Poland
Paula Bajdor
Tomasz Lis
Paweł Nowodziński

Effect of Non-Uniform Inlet Flow Rate on the Preheating Process of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Unit
Ping Yuan

Research on Spatial Sustainability of Land-Use Patterns in Urban Fringe: A Study on Erxianguan Region, Shenzhen, China
Chia-Ti Heather Tseng
Wen Zhou Zhong

Sustainable Study on Rural River Landscape Based on the Eco-Priority Principle:A Case Study of Landscape Design for the River Yaxi
Cheng Shi
Wang Yijing

Upgrading Marginal Settlements: Studies on Li-nong Settlements in Shanghai Old Railway Station Area
Xin Ge
Xinzi Chen

Biotyping of Jatropha Curcas L. from Thailand, Laos and Tanzania by MALDI-TOF MS Technique
Thitiporn Ditsawanon
Sittiruk Roytrakul
Janthima Jaresittikulchai
Worawut Chulalaksananukul

Development of a High Fiber Mango Jam
Kanchayanis Srinukoon

Study on Quality Parameters of Raw Natural Water for the Production of Tap Water at Bangka Sub-District, Ratchasan District, Chachoengsao
Phussadee Phummara
Sureeporn Thummikkaphong
Nattaporn Sonphueak

The Development of Learning Communities for Conservation and Sustainable Transfering of Knowledge to Children and Youth in
Chachoengsao Province, Thailand
Nattaporn Sonphueak
Woraphot Thamniab

Mango Sheet Drying by the Solar Dryer Combine with Electric Coil
Narin Koolnapadol
Chatchawan Nimrotham

Synthesis of Poly (Acrylic Acid-Co-Sodium Styrene Sulfonate) as Scale Inhibitor for Industrial Cooling Water System
Nut Jianwirak
Thailand Siriporn Pranee
Samitthichai Seeyangnok

Efficient Method of Transaction Processing for Secure Mobile Bill Payments: Pay2S (Save&Safe)
Pensri Pukkasenung

Effect of Heat Treatment and Shelf Life on Chilling Injury of
Mango Cv. Nam Dok Mai
Apiradee Muangdech

The Study on the Development and Processing Transfer of Lip Balm Products from Virgin Coconut Oil: A Case Study
Suwimon Kwunsiriwong

Handmade Toy Development for Early Childhood Using Local Wisdom
Yaowanuch Thanam

Synthesis and Characterization of Bioi/TiO2 Photocatalysts for Waste Water Treatment
Thanakit Sirimahasal
Siriporn Pranee
Samitthichai Seeyangnok

Research and Prospects of Urban Morphology Evolution in the Information Age
Lan Wenlong

A study into residential energy use in Adelaide metropolitan: determinants and effects on household’s consumption
Ghazal Jaberi
Alpana Sivam
Sadasivam Karuppannan

Evaluation of Zeolite Efficiency for Removal of Cesium Ions from Seawater
Uracha Termsrirat
Naowarut Charoenca
Nipapun Kungskulniti
Yuttana Tumnoi

Removal Efficiency of Cesium and Strontium in Seawater by Zeolite Fixed-Bed Columns
Waruntara Tannkam
Naowarut Charoenca
Nipapun Kungskulniti
Yutthana Tumnoi

From Design to Management -Task Shift of Architects in Urban Regeneration Process
Dong Jia

Non–Vegetated Constructed Wetland with Graded Sand Bed System for Hazardous Landfill Leachate Treatment and Heavy Metals Removal
Naira H. D. Meky
Ahmed Tawfik

Foreign Investment and Environmental Protection: The Liability of Private Enterprises under International Environmental Law
Chung-Han Yang

Social fairness for a community in poverty in the natural area of environmental protection in Brazil: the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park
Alessandro Silva de Oliveira

Social Intervention: Center for Studies (IFG/GO/Brazil) in a Community of Small Farmers at Risk by the Use of Pesticides
Alessandro Silva de Oliveira
Paula Graciano Pereira
Patricia Anne da Mata Monteiro
Larissa Rodrigues Batista

Utilization of Diatomite as Silica Source for the Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Materials
Jirapa Kraisit
Chutimon Satirapipathkul

Preparation and Properties of Konjac Bran-Graft-Poly (acrylic acid) Superabsorbent Polymer
Nutnicha Siriwong
Chutimon Satirapipathkul,

Adsorption of Pb(II) From Synthetic Solution by Pomelo Peel
Sasiwimol Chanmalee
Pisit Vatanasomboon
Chaowalit Warodomrungsimun

Assessing Solar and Wind Energy Technical Potential using GIS Approach: A case study in Sumba Island, Indonesia
Dody Setiawan
Jiunn-Chi Wu

Determinants of Household Pro-Environmental Behaviour: An Exploratory Analysis
Shankar Murthy
Manoj Govind Kharat

Solar Powered Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (SPVAR) System as a rural microenterprise
Anurag Mudgal
Jatin Kumar Patel
Bhaumik Modi

Drying of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and Medicinal Plants with a Mixed-Mode Solar Drying System with Internal Reflectors
Jatinkumar Patel
Anurag Mudgal
Kinal Patel

Information Management in the Company’s Information Space
Tomasz Lis
Paula Bajdor
Aleksandra Ptak
Iwetta Budzik-Nowodzińska

Road to Achievingy Indonesia's Intended National Determined Contribution (INDC): Spearheading Stricter Preventive Reinforcement to Indonesia’s Peat and Forest Fires
Biondi Sanda Sima

Low-Cost Technology for Water Utility Management
Sami J. Habib
Paulvanna N. Marimuthu

Improving Energy Efficiency through Industrial Symbiosis in Energy Intensive Industries: A Comparative Study of Japan and China
Yuanjun Chen
Yongjiang Shi

Comparative Embodied Carbon Analysis of the Volumetric Prefabrication Elements and In-situ Elements in Residential Building Development of Hong Kong
Felix Yat-Hang Wong
YT Tang

Synthesis of Poly (Acrylic Acid) Based Polymers as Quantitative Determined Scale Inhibitor
Samitthichai Seeyangnok
Isaree Somjaikul
Anuwat Katratanaborvorn
Yotshana Sillapadecht

An overview of research projects investigating energy consumption in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings in Toronto
Sara Alsaadani
Miles Roque
Kevin Trinh
Alan Fung
Vera Straka

Waste Disposal Issues in a Philippine Upland Urban Center
Ofelia D. Giron

Application of Low-Grade Industrial Waste Heat for Power Generation Using Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generator Combined with Gas Engine-Driven Heat Pump
Sorawit Sonsaree
Tatsunori Asaoka
Somchai Jiajitsawat
Hernan Aguirre
Kiyoshi Tanaka