ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: June 10th, 2016

ACP2016, Kobe, Japan
Conference Themes 2016: “Justice in Psychology”
Thursday, March 31 - Sunday, April 3, 2016
ISSN: 2187-4743


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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Structural Model in Parenting Style, Attachment Style,
Self-regulation and Self-esteem with Smartphone Addiction

Kwan Hoi Ching
Leung Mak Tak

Band Musicians in Macau
Wanfong Viny Hui

The Effectiveness of Self Management Program ‘Bipolar Beraksi’ in Decreasing
the Frequency, Intensity or Duration of Bipolar Mood in People with Bipolar

Moya A.D. Martiningtyas
Ira Paramastri

The Effect of Level of Parenting Stress towards Mother-Child Interaction Quality:
A Study on Mothers with Toddler from Poverty Family

Dhisty Azlia Firnady
Rini Hildayani

Self Concept in Adolescent Lesbian Living with HIV: A case Study
Jaruda Sringam
Suwaree Rerkjaree

Comparison of Dietary Behaviors and Acculturation of Korean International
and Japanese Students in Japan

Kaori Hatanaka

Japanese Attitudes about Home and Children in Relation to Marital
Happiness across Time

Rebecca Cierra Adams
Su Kuan Chung
Jisun Kim
Alyxandra Stuehler
Jared Peterson
Rebecca Foster
Richard B. Miller
Ronald M Miller

An Investigation of the Mate Preferences of Young Adults Using
Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

Su Kuan Chung
Christina Arianna Hubner
Rebecca Cierra Adams
Mikaeli Zito
Boyd Timothy
Ronald Mellado Miller

Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences between Malaysian Malays
and Australian Caucasians in Emotion Recognition

Sindhu Nair
Firdaus Mukhtar
Laura Jobson
Hairul Anuar Hashim
Ruziana Masiran

Coping Strategies of Female Adolescents Living with HIV
Janya Sripoomphruek
Suwaree Rerkjaree

Effects of Job Autonomy and Positive Psychological Capital on
Job Performance of Banking Employees: Mediating Role of Intrinsic Work Motivation

Narumol Suteerawut
Vitanya Vanno
Piyapong Khaikleng

A Causal Model of Professional Nurse Engagement Using Organizational
Nurse Engagement

Haruethai Jaita
Piyapong Khaikleng
Vitanya Vanno

A Population-Based Study on Health Literacy and Health
Behaviors in Taiwan

Hsieh-Hua Yang
Hung-Jen Yang

Forensic Investigation Protocol on Marital Nullity for
Psychologists in the Philippines

Antero Rosauro V. Arias, Jr.

Relationship Satisfaction and Children: Effects on Sexual
Satisfaction in Married Couples

Su Kuan Chung
Alyxandra Stuehler
Michelle Arellano
Jared Peterson
Kylie Arnold
Ronald Miller
Dean Busby

Marital Relationship Satisfaction: Impacts of Children,
Religion, Income Level, and Gender

Sukuan Chung
Jared Peterson
Kylie Arnold
Alyx Stuehler
Michelle Arellano
Ronald Miller
Dean Busby

Symbolic Immortality, Death Anxiety, and Quality of Life
in Japanese Elderly Men

Yukiko Sawamura

The Effect of Goal Structure on Job Performance:
The Mediating Role of Goal Orientation and Work Engagement

Warrunee Thongdee
Sittipong Wattananonsakul

The Role of Visual Attention in Preference Formation for Food
Ji Xu
Noha Mohsen Zommara
Johan Lauwereyns

The Effectiveness of the Application of Computer Supported
Collaborative Learning in Chinese Learning

Chiayi Chen
Yan-Jin Pan

Philippine Practice of Forensic Clinical Psychology in Marital
Nullification: From Client Assessment to Court Appearance

Antero Rosauro V. Arias, Jr.
Arnulfo V. Lopez

Guiding Three- to Six-Year-Old Children into Developing a
Social Sense of Decorum

Salwa S. Al-Harbi

The Development of Psychological Well-Being Enhancement Model for the
Elderly using Family and Community Participation in Nakaew Sub-District

Wimwipa Boonklin

Coping Stress of Pilot of Commercial Aircraft after the Crash
Samanta Nur Ananta
Miniwati Halim

Stigma in Schizophrenics in Griya PMI Peduli, Surakarta,
Central Java, Indonesia

Triana Rahmawati
Ahmad Hirzi Fadlillah Tovani
Nimaswari Dyah Ayu Putri
Fatmawati Tri Tuwuhingtyas
Drajat Tri Kartono
Rahesli Humsona

Links between Prosocial Value and Bystanders’ Helping Behavior
in Bullying Situation: The Mediating Role of Collective Efficacy and Psychological Well-Being as Moderator

Ratna Djuwita
Frieda M. Mangunsong

Does Bystanders’ Psychological Well-being and Attribution
towards Victims Matters in Helping a Bullying Victim?

Frieda M. Mangunsong
Ratna Djuwita

The Effect of Varying Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention for
Promoting Safe Sex among Army Conscripts in Lopburi Army Area, Thailand

Piyarat Eaimkhong

A Study on Improving Listening Efficacy of Instructions for
Nursing Students Towards the Accurate Information Transfer

Emiko Yamamoto
Tomoko Tanaka
Yoshimi Hyodo
Kaori Hatanaka

The Correlation between Work and Family balance and Quality
of Life with Gender as Mediator Variable among Java Ethnic Group

Berta Esti Ari Prasetya

Evaluating the Age of Juveniles in the Juvenile Justice
System of India from a Developmental and Mental Health Perspective

Priyanka Konsam

Corruption: Its Representations and Psychology in Indonesia
Juneman Abraham
Yosef Dedy Pradipto

Women’s Needs related to Obstetric Services: Viewpoints
of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Japan

Miyako Kimura

A Qualitative Study of Genital Sex Reassignment in Transgendered
Teens: Age of Consent and Assessment Process

Wallace Wong