ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2019: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: December 23rd, 2019

ACE2019, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, October 31 - Sunday, November 3, 2019
ISSN: 2186-5892

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Challenges of Creativity-based International STEAM Camps to Inspire and Motivate Gifted Students
Piroonrut Poonyalikit
Sopida Pananusorn
Ruetai Chongsrid
Pankamon Sornsuwan
Akekalak Tungrattanavalee
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Ethical Practices In Vocational Technical Education: A Sure Way To Sustainable Vocational Education in Nigeria
Chinedu Ochuba
David Okoli
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Developing a Knowledge Based Economy Through Enhancing Management of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria
David Ifeanyi Okoli
Chinedu Daniel Ochuba
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The Role of Higher Education in Socio-Economic Development in Myanmar: External & Internal Perspectives
Zin Mie Sharr
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Boarding College Strategy Management in Theology Sangkakala Kopeng, District Getasan
Noveliza Tepy
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Experiences of Outstanding Principals as Mentors: Policy Inputs to a Viable Mentoring Program in DepEd – Division of Pasig City
Isabelle S. Sibayan
Maricris O. Murillo
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Harnessing Learning Analytics to Improve Online Quiz Equity
Jess Wei Chin Tan
Chong Hui Tan
Hian Chye Koh
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Knowledge Management as a Catalyst to Building Resilient and Effective Human Capital in Manufacturing Companies
Charles Mazhazhate
Tafadzwa Mudondo
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Modified Lab Rotation Model: A Blended E-Learning Approach to Improve Student’s Conceptual Understanding of English Verb Tense and Aspect
Lovely Rollaine B. Cruz
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The Science of The Banana Cake; Development of Integrated Instruction on Science Knowledge and Skill by Using Hands-on Activities
Jutharat Sunprasert
Thiti Jarangdet
Chayanuch Wattana
Phannee Rattanachisit
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Gathering Tacit Knowledge Through Oral History
Zanaria Saupi Udin
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Information and Communications Technology Competencies and Integration Practices of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines
Saddam Bazer
Elenita Que
Wenlan Zhang
Bin Zhang
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From Teaching to Leading: A Phenomenological Inquiry on Overcoming Challenges from the Lens of Novice Principals
Joy S. Magalona
Adonis P. David
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A One Semester Research Study on the Effects of Extensive Reading on Students’ Receptive Vocabulary Size
Joel Weinberg
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Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Lessons in Grade 10 Biology
Ma. Sharlyn Navia
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Does Blended Learning System Boost Student’s Knowledge Sharing in General Education Course? The Indonesian Higher Education Challenge
Dasim Budimansyah
Yadi Ruyadi
Usman Mulbar
Didin Widyartono
Masri Kudrat Umar
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Reflexive Practices: Making Business Schools More ‘Critical’ by Teaching Modern Slavery. Practical Workshop
Lidia Gheorghiu
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Investigation of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning as a framework for Teaching Science-focused English Courses at a Japanese University
James Ellinger
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The Impact of Landmark Court Cases on Funding in American Public Education Systems: The Legal System and the Financial Structure of Educational Institutions
Nathaniel Edwards
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Video Self-Modeling Intervention on the Social Skills of Children with
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mark Ryan F. Romero
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A Priming Experiment on the Effects of Grading and Autonomy-support on Motivation
Maï Yasué
I-Chant A. Chiang
Kelsey Chamberlin
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The Role of Lectures and Factors Affecting Individual Working Competency of Students at Thai Nguyen University, Viet Nam through Mathematical Modeling Process
Dong Thi Hong Ngoc
Nguyen Danh Nam
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OP Observer: A Class Observation Tool for Measuring the Effectiveness of Teaching Practice
Don Amila Sajeevan Samarasinghe
Vera Maria Nistor
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The Effect of Problem-Based Learning Instruction Activities in Linear Equations on Problem Solving Ability Analytical Thinking and

Kedchuda Phienukrochon
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Development of Learning Modules for Enhancing Classroom Action Research Skills of Student Teachers
Suwimon Wongwanich
Chayut Piromsombat
Kanit Sriklaub
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The Development of Terminology Learning System for Thai Classical Dance through Learning Management System
Jansamorn Pholboon
Monton Pholboon
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Insights on the Finnish Field of Learning Analytics – Applications and Ethics in Adaptive Education Models
Matias Nevaranta
Katja Lempinen
Erkki Kaila
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Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): An e-Module for Teacher Training in Lao’s People Democratic Republic
Somchay Makesavanh
Hui Min Low
Lay Wah Lee
Tze Peng Wong
Ann Sien Sut Lee
Bounthieng Vongsouangtham
Vikate Phannalath
Somephet San
Aznan Che Ahmad
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The Development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the Philippines: Roles and Views of Secondary School Principals
Wenefe Capili-Balbalin
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Exploring Saudi Arabian Teachers’ Changing Understandings of STEM Education
Kathy Smith
Greg Lancaster
Lucas Johnson
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Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Flipped Classroom: Voices from Teachers in Hong Kong’s Higher Education
Paul L.C. Lam
Alan H.H. Tse
Hilary K.Y. Ng
Carmen K.M. Lau
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Employing English Picture Books in Classroom Teaching: Taking a Suburban Area in Mainland China as the Study Context
Jinglan Chen
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From Teaching to Learning; Becoming Coach for Learning by Doing to Build Educational Capacity in Nepal
Ulla-Maija Seppänen
Janne Karjalainen
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Understanding, Designing and Developing Assistive Technology for Students with Dyslexia in a Singapore Classroom
W. Quin Yow
YeeNing Tan
Tharshini Lokanathan
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Participation Factors of Education Service Officers in Lifelong Learning
Rosezelenda binti Abdul Rahman
Ahmad Zabidi bin Abdul Razak
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Evaluating the Anti-Bullying Act Of 2013 and Its Implementation in Philippine Public Schools
John Roben M. Ambas
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Trends & Futures of International Higher Education Partnerships & Collaboration: Comparative Potential Pathways for African & Asian Centres of Excellence
Nyambura Mwagiru
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Developing Teachers’ Computational Skills through a Systematic Professional Development Course in Malaysia
Mashitoh Hashim
Hew Mee Cheah
Aslina Saad
Mohd Hishamuddin Abdul Rahman
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Hall Life Education: A Reflection on Cultivating Independence in Hong Kong University Students
Amy Lee
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Thriving Interdependence and Independence: Teamwork and Self-Directed Learning as Nurtured by Team-Based Learning (TBL)?
Li Yuen Wah
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Investigating Relationship Among Learning Self-efficacy, MOOC-satisfaction and MOOC- Loyalty of MOOC Learner Using Bagozzi’s Self-regulation Model
Loh Kah Heng
Zaim Azizi Bin Abu Bakar
Nur Ainif Omar
Low Khai Rol
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Designing Experiential Learning Activities for Primary Schoolers
Le Thi My Tra
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Boost Sight Reading Skills of Students Using Melodic Ostinato
Queeny Rose Ann P. Peñaflorida
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PS2CLH: A Learning Factor Model for Enhancing Students’ Ability to Control Their Achievement
Arlindo Almada
Qicheng Yu
Preeti Patel
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Give Swirl a Whirl: A Mixed-method Analysis on Swirl Approach to Teach Applied Statistics in a Biology Student Cohort
Felicia Devina Ngan
Chun Chau Sze
Wilson Wen Bin Goh
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An Investigation into the Efficacy of Students-as-partner Pedagogy in a Singapore University Education Learning Context
Hui Min Chon
Chun Chau Sze
Wilson Wen Bin Goh
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Internal Migration and Educational Attainment: Are Rural Migrant Workers Uniquely Socially Vulnerable in China?
Jason Hung
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Students’ Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Bases for The Development of Contextualized Learning Module in Geometry
Efren S. Tellermo
Chive G. Gabasa
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The Influence of Student Learning Styles toward Behavioral Intention to Learn via Online Educational Games Platform
Wei Chooi Yi
Surindar Kaur Gurmurkh Singh
Yeoh Hong Beng
Malvin Kaur Kunden Singh
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Socio-cultural Aspects in the Japanese Language Teaching Methodologies
Anna Lelenkova
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Job Satisfaction and Employee Creativity and Innovation for Student Affairs Practitioners
Leandro A. Loyola
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Development of a Creativity Framework for Filipino In-service and Pre-service Professionals
Dhanna Kerina Bautista-Rodas
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The Impact of Mobile Learning on Academic Achievement and Learning Experience Using a Tailor-made Mobile App
Hon-sun Chiu
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Developing School-based Gifted Curriculum Through Professional Learning Community: A Case Study of a Junior High School in Taipei
Chiao-Wen Wu
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Hidden Treasures: A Meaningful 3D Experience
Magdinayive del Pilar Sarmiento
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Enhancing Teachers’ Personality and Social Competence; MBTI Approach
Winda Dewi Listyasari
Siti Zulaikha
Evitha Soraya
Devie Yundianto
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From the Classroom to the Community and Back: The Development of a Community-Based Research Model for Contemporary Higher Education
Tai Chong Toh
Siok Kuan Tambyah
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Developing an Informal Tandem Learning Scheme for Young Researchers and Academics
Tanya McCarthy
Matthew Armstrong
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The Significance of Media in Literary Theory: Shaping The Future of Literary Criticism of Electronic Literature
Sohaimi Abdul Aziz
Mohammad Fitry Ariff Bin Ahmad Zulkefley
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Customer Relationship Management in an Educational Institution in the Philippines
Helen M. Rigor
Antoniette Z. Lacerna
Antoniette A. Ocampo
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Authentic Learning in Dynamic Globalization Context: Experiential Learning through Students Business Projects
Kant Thongtawee
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Using Mobile Games to Enhance English Vocabulary Knowledge: A Case Study of Thai Employees in an International Workplace
Nichakan Horphet
Supaporn Yimwilai
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Qori Learning Model to Foster Learning Autonomy
Erik Wahyu Zaenal Qori
Dasim Budimansyah
Abas Asyafah
Endang Rochyadi
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The Roles of Islam Students in Preserving the Indonesian Value of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)
Darda Abdullah Sjam
Dasim Budimansyah
Encep Syarif Nurdin
Elly Malihah
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The Use of Local Genius in Strengthening Student Character
Tjep Dahyat
Dasim Budimansyah
Encep Syarief Nurdin
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How to Create Educational Children’s TV Programs: A Strategic Practice for Survival in the Digital Age
Pataraporn Sangkapreecha
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Encouraging Independence and Interdependence in Assessment: Moving Towards Assessment for Learning in Heritage Language Classrooms in Singapore
Roszalina Binte Rawi
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Impression of Japanese Universities’ Specialized Courses among Chinese Overseas Students —The Outcome of a PAC Analysis—
Yan Wanxin
Taira Nakajima
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A Causal Model of Student Teachers’ Ambition for Becoming Teachers
Natthapol Jaengaksorn
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A Prototype System for Practicing English Speaking
Harumi Kashiwagi
Min Kang
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki
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The Effectiveness of Character Education in Special Education Curricula for Students With Mental Retardation at Special School in West Java
Deded Koswara
Dasim Budimansyah
Ace Suryadi
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REFLECT: Engaging and Empowering Critical Thinking Through Creative Process Journals
Joselyn Sim
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Empowering Students through Tutor’s Feedback in Online Learning
Rahmat Budiman
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Development of a Questionnaire System with a Response Analyzer
Hirotaka Azuma
Hironobu Takenouchi
Tatsuyuki Takano
Osamu Miyakawa
Takashi Kohama
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Analysis of Visuals in Political Science Textbooks to Identify its Role in Encouraging Higher Order Thinking in Students
Pallavi Monica Ekka
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A New Self-adaptive Separate Grammar Test for Online Young L2 Learners
Yan Jiang
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A Language Proficiency Test that Works
Peter Shih
Qiwen Zhou
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A Study of the Mutual Phonetic Resemblance Between Japanese and Chinese: Quantification of the Difficulty of Phonetic Cross-Comprehension
Yuji Obataya
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Initial Invention of Therapy Table for Autism to Avoid the Table Being Pushed or Flipped by Autistic Children
Dwi Candra Purnamasari
Lu'lu' Purwaningrum
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Design of an Interactive Tangible Sensory Toy for Autistic Children to Improve Their Learning Ability
Abhishek Bose
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Table with a Half-oval Hole as Individual Treatment Table of ABA Therapy for Autistic Children in Indonesian Autism Therapy Center as an Effective Design to Overcome Behavior
Lu’lu’ Purwaningrum
Anung Studiyanto
Joko Yuwono
Satoshi Muraki
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Design of a Digital Application to Aid Hindi Alphabet Recognition/Formation for Children With Learning Disability
Abhishek Bose
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Design of English Conversation Edutainment Game for Japanese University Students
Fatin Amirah Mohamed Yusoff
Masahiro Sato
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Integrating Reflections on Scriptural Text in Language Classes: The Southern Philippines and Bangkok Experience
Maribeth M. Cabrejas
Jan Rey E. Cabrejas
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Reflection on the Curricular Reform with an Emphasis on Preschool Education in the Czech Republic
Eva Šmelová
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Disciplinary Training and Professional Practices Effects on Soft Skills Development
Irina Granados
Andrea Romero
Glenny González
Sandra López
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Balinese Young Organization as Building of National Character to Counter Asymmetric Warfare in Indonesia
Luh Putu Ika Primayanti
Tri Legionosuko
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Policy Implementation: Basic Education 9 Years Indonesian School Abroad in Malaysia
Budiman Rusli
Erwin Rinaldi
Riki Satia Muharam
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Level of Content Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills of Senior High School STEM Students in Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction
Jeannie Rose Hilotin
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