ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: December 17th, 2018

ACE2018, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Theme: “Surviving & Thriving”
Saturday, October 13th - Monday, October 15th, 2018
ISSN: 2186-5892

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Economics And Politics Of The Shift From K To 10 To K To 12:
The Philippine Experience

Augusto de Viana
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Internationalization & the Impact of International Students in the Japanese Classroom
Cecilia Ikeguchi
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Crisis Marketing Strategy Antecedents of Performance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)in Region III in the Philippines
Jesus D. Panlilio
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Skills of Analyzing and Synthesizing Textual Information in University Students: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Approach
Anna Toom
Natalia Inshakova
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Gamification as a Way to Reduce the Operating Method at Engineering Classes
Luis F Calvo Prieto
Raul Herrero Martínez
Ana I García Pérez
Sergio Paniagua Bermejo
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Assessing the Impact of Meritocracy on the Singapore Education System: Evaluating Outcomes, Averting Threats
Mohamad Shamsuri Juhari
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Literacy Learning Program using 3D Kanji Models for Children with
Developmental Dyslexia

Hanae Ikeshita-Yamazoe
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Van Hiele’s Instructional Model In Teaching Of Tangents And Secants Of Circles
Melchor Del Rosario
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School Principals’ Profile and Public Elementary Schools Performance in the Schools Division Office of Imus City
Gregorio A. Co, Jr.
Matea-Alvyn H. Trinidad
Jenielyn A. Sadang
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Using GSP in Creating Concept Image on the Topic Theory Graph for Eighth Grade Students
Patcharin Setteechaichana
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The Development of Competency of Creation of Learning Management for English Teachers by Coaching & Mentoring
Apiradee Jeenkram
Wisathorn Thanukit
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Integrating Neurodidactics Stimulation Into Blended Learning In Accomodating Students English Learning In EFL Settings
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Low Proficient Students’ Oral Interaction with Native Speaker of English as a Language Assistant in the Classroom
Imelda Wahyuni Husein
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The Effectiveness of the Pragmatic Skills Intervention for Young Adults with Mild Intellectual Disability (with or without co-morbid Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Wendy Yeo Su Fen
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2C-2I-1R Approaches: Way to Reduce Math Anxiety among Senior High School Learners
Elymar Pascual
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An Analysis on the Perceptions of High School Teachers in Manila, Philippines Towards Student Data Privacy and Its Legal Implications
Juan Carlo Zamora
Madeleine Tan
Sharon Albacete
Rosemin Canulo
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Mind Mapping and Science Performance of Grace 5 Pupils
of San Juan Elementary School, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Nilda San Miguel
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Theories on Self-Reflection in Education
Anna Belobrovy
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Teacher Professional Development Through Distance Education:
The Ghanaian Experience

Ellen Abakah
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Internationalization at Home - Enhancing Students' Intercultural Competence in “Intercultural Collaborative Co-Learning Class"
Kazuko Suematsu
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Challenges and Opportunities to the Use of Google Docs Sharing for Realtime Writing Task Feedback: Inclusive ESL Classroom at Jakarta Multicultural School
Athifah Utami
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The Development of a Novel Using Storytelling Technique as a Learning Tool in Promoting Student Engagement and Satisfaction
Patchara Vanichvasin
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E-learning Strategies in English Language Learning in Pre-service Teacher Education: Comparison in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Ruiqian Yang
Yiu Chi Lai
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Zoo Kids Zone in Chiang Mai Zoo: Best Practice Activities
under the Concept of Edutainment

Banjaponn Thongkaw
Jirachai Yomkerd
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A Study of Praise, Motivation, and Self-esteem of Low-achieving Students in Mentoring Groups
Chun Kin Chung
Peter Lai
Raoger Ng
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The Academic Culture Shock Experiences of Turkish International Students in Japan: A Qualitative Study
Ayse Ilgin Sozen
Tomoko Tanaka
Sachiko Nakano
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Preliminary Finding: The Role of Non-Formal Education in Developing Rural Youth Empowerment
Gusti Agung Ayu Pramitasari
Laurence Tamatea
Nicoli Barnes
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The Performance of Factor and Multiple Problem-Solving
for the Fifth Grade with Mathematics Underachievers

Pei-Hsiu Chen
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Effects of 3D Printing Interactive Technology on Special Education for Children with Different Disabilities
Shu-Hua Chen
Chien-Yu Lin
Quo-Cyuan Mao
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A Study at the Constitution of Students’ Family Backgrounds of an Elite University in the Perspective of Cultural Capital
Ju Fasheng
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Teacher Agency in Mother Tongue: From Social Practice to Legislation
Peter G. Romerosa
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Multigenerational ESL Classrooms in Japan: An Exploration of the Experiences of Adult Students
Jeremy Chambers
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Learner Autonomy and Hand Raising in the EFL Classroom: Exploring Willingness to Talk
Tracy Friedrich
Lisa Miller
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Challenges Associated with the Implementation of Active Learning:
A Small-scale Study of Japanese University EFL Teachers

Maki Ikoma
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The Efficacy and Implementation of the ESP Approach: Assessment of ESP Textbook for Physical Therapy
Minako Inoue
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Developing and Creating Multimedia for Learning Values of Thai Literature
Kittipong Phumpuang
Patcharin Buranakorn
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The Case Study of The Thailand Pomelo-Based Learning Model to Improve Students' Learning Experience
Nitta Roonkaseam
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Mentorship, Global Readiness, and Student Success at South Carolina State University (SCSU): A Descriptive Study of the Emergence of the New Student Mentor
Delindus Richard Brown
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Solitude Back in Fashion: Introducing the Uses of Being Alone
Amy Lee
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Using Tech At Uni: Students Report On Their Technology Use At University
Yuwanuch Gulateee
Jeremy E. Pagram
Barbara Combes
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Academic Research in Vocationally-Oriented Higher Education:
Perspectives from Teaching Staff

Kit Yin Emmy Wong
Svetlana Chigaeva-Heddad
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Task-Based Language Teaching in Education in ASEAN Course for Student Teachers Mathematics English Program
Satsayamon Sangway
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A Comparative Study on Compliment Response between Indonesian EFL Students and English Native Speakers
Maria Febriani Seran
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Leagility in Education: Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a Dynamic Education Paradigm
Roy Irvine Morien
Duangporn Limthamrong
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Rural Education in China in the Process of Urbanization: Development and Reflection
Zhou Xing-Guo
Cao Rong-Rong
Liu Li-Na
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Finding Opportunities Within a Conventional Curriculum to Provide Research Experience to Undergraduate Biology Students: A Collaborative Effort with Teachers
Deepti Gupta
Needa Baghban
Aakansha Sawant
Swapnja Patil
Jyotsna Vijapurkar
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A Descriptive Analysis on Grammatical-Morphology Patterns of the Deaf College Students’ Indonesian Written Language
Alies Poetri Lintangsari
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The Relationship between Musical Instrument Adoption and Professions of Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0
Thassanai Phensit
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Thailand 4.0 Music Student: Study on Classical Guitar Repertoire Learning Process
Patommavat Thammachard
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Administration Factors Affecting Student Development in Thailand 4.0 in Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Sansanee Jasuwan
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Music Curriculum Supporting Music Occupation for Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0
Sirima Panapinan
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The Role of Technology in Improving the Teaching and Learning Process at Tadulako University, Indonesia
Aminah Suriaman
Sriati Usman
Anjar Kusuma Dewi
Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir
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'I am a Mercenary Now' International Teachers as a Global Educational

Adam Poole
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The Influence of Teacher’s Role, Autonomous Learning Method and Student’s Engagement on Student’s Learning Outcomes in Vocational High School in Jakarta, Indonesia
Setyani Dwi Lestari
Rida Pratamawati
Nora Andira Brabo
Bambang Agus Prasetyanto
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The Significance and Strategy of Innovative Learning in the Age of Intelligence
Li Zihua
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Web-Based Science Learning as Innovative Instruction
Bruce Marvin Ruaro
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Investigation of Grammatical Instruction on Pragmatics of Thai EFL Learners: A Case of 1st Year English-Major Students
Arnunnit Manorom
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Comparison of the Learning Curve and Adaptive Behavior from Kids to Adults who Create Mobile-Apps and Little Robots Using Block-Programming
Felipe Moreno-Vera
Leonardo León-Vera
Juan Guizado-Vasquez
Michael Vera-Panez
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Kinesthetic Perception, Physical Activity and on-Task Behavior in Thematic Learning
Eva Julianti P
Heni Widyaningsih
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Nutritional Information Media for Elementary School Children:
A Literature Review

Ambar Yoganingrum
Ratih Nurani Sumardi
Sanya Anda Lusiana
I Rai Ngardita
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Instructional Scaffolding Through Zap the Gap Approach: Bridging Academic Achievement in Science for Students-at-Risk
Kristine Joan Barredo
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Social Inclusion: A Systemic Approach to Child’s Well-being
Manju Rajput
Ruchi Thakkar
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Exploring Leadership Characteristics of Public and Private High School
Administrators in The Divisionof Malabon: A Comparative Analysis

Marivic Basilio
Maximo Y. Muldong
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Beliefs, Attitudes, Challenges and Factors in The Implementation of The New Curriculum: Basis for a Curriculum Model
Anecita Palacios
Apipa Masnar
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Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes towards Sustainable Rural Tourism after a Decade of the Tsunami in Aceh
Jane Teng
Afrida Yahya
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Thai University Students’ Perceptions and Practices of Smartphone Use for English Language Learning
Siriluck Wechsumangkalo
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Iliganon Myths and Folklores: Its Effect to Social Culture
Joseph Michael Bentoy
Mitchel Garay
Gritchelyn Talisic
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The Role of Informal English Language Teaching in Childhood on English Knowledge and Attitude towards English Language in Adulthood
Marzie Mobtada
Aliakbar Saif
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The Use of 'Kebudiluhuran' Aspect as a Curriculum Development in Budi Luhur University
Bintarto Wicaksono
Nawiroh Vera
Haronas Kutanto
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Reading as a Problem Solving Task and Digital School
Rosanna Tammaro
Concetta Ferrantino
Francesco Milito
Maria Tiso
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Exploring The Effective Dimensions Of Engaging Students in Contemporary Architecture Design Studios in Times Of Change
Naima Iftikhar
Philip Crowther
Lindy Osborne Burton
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Content Design of Virtual Game for Elementary School Students:
Using Circle and Compound Graphics of Circle as an Example

Shih-Ju Weng
Shwu-Ching Young
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The Study on Teaching of Practice Skills in a Drum Set at Suan Sunandha Rajchapat University, Bangkok, in Thailand 4.0
Rungkiat Siriwongsuwan
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Status of Traditional Thai Music Education in Thai Universities
Pongsilp Arunrat
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Digital Technology Use of Teachers and Students and Their Perceptions of Technology Integration into English Curriculum in Thailand
Pornnicha Weerakanto
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Collaborative Assistive Technology in Mathematics Learning for Students with Special Needs
Rou-Rou Sung
Shu-Wen Lin
Chien-Yu Lin
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Manufactory: Promoting 3D Spatial Skills with Productive Failure and Educational Games
Nana Tian
Vinayak Teoh Kanappan
Jeffrey Hong Yan Jack
Ayesha Fathima
Owen Noel Newton Fernando
Hock Soon Seah
Anupam Chattopadhyay
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Improvement of Listening Skills of Thai Elementary Japanese Learners Using the Top-down Shadowing Approach
Chinnawat Ninmote
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The Context of Curator in the 21st Century: A Study at Museums in Bangkok Area
Anantachai Aeka
Wimonchat Lerdkochasri
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The Effects of Software Interaction Mode on Nominal Group Creativity in Online Classes
Janejira Sutanonpaiboon
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A Study on a Method of Integrating AR Markers into a Foreign Language Learning System for Task-based Activities
Harumi Kashiwagi
Min Kang
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki
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All On Screen: The Effects of Digitized Learning Activities on Increasing Learner Interest and Engagement in EFL Classroom
Jaiake Ritthipruek
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The Effectiveness of Gamification in Finance Education
Lewis Teo Piaw Liew
Normala bt Jaya
Saripah Siti Zuliani Wan Abd. Rahman
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Principal Leadership Practices, Teacher Morale and Performance of Elementary Schools
Abegaile B. Brazil – Rodrigo
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Some Challenges with Opportunities of Introducing International Baccalaureate Programmes into Japanese Schools
Carol Inugai Dixon
Jun Kawaguchi
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What are Missing on the English Teacher Preparation Programme at Japanese Universities in Terms of Pronunciation Instruction?
Akihito Desaki
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The Dynamical System of Character Education in Indonesia
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Eliciting Colloquial English Expressions in EFL Classrooms: Are Voice-Over Activities More Effective than Dubbing Activities?
Mariko Takahashi
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Understanding & Applying Character Education In Chemistry:
A Case Study Of 10th Grade High School In Indonesia

Ahmad Ma'ruf
Yulianto Yulianto
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Student Ambiguity Tolerance as Predictor of Problem-Solving Ability in Mathematics
Buela, Mabel S.
Joaquin, Ma. Nympha B.
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Efficacy of Moodle Forum in Teaching and Learning
Min Prasad Gurung
Rajan Kadel
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Multilingual Education in Linguistically diverse Nepal: The Role of Mother-tongue based Education for Better Learning Outcomes
Prem Singh Shintan
Elizabeth Cozens
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A Study of Satisfaction of Students Towards the Bachelor of Science in Medical and Public Health Secretary, College of Allied Health Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Jirawat Sudsawart
Phannee Rojanabenjakun
Pradapet Krutchangthong
Veena Chantarasompoch
Kullaphat Pochanakul
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Top Future Skills in Cross-Disciplinary Design Education
Mike Oustamanolakis
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The Root of Spiritual Education: Chinese Culture’s Guigu Spiritual Method
Chen-Mei Li
Li-Yueh Chen
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Using Social Innovation to Implement Weixin Shengjiao Doctrine in Lifelong Education
Li-Yueh Chen
Chen-Mei Li
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The Study of Clinical Observation of Acupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Motor Aphasia after Cerebral Infarction
Suwanna Hadsamad
Tawat Buranatawonsom
Orawan Sinpaiboonlert
Shen Pengfei
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Revolutionary Potential of Metaphors for English Language
Teaching and Learning

Irene Kusumawardani
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International Mindedness to Survive & Thrive: Challenges & Possibilities
Shubha Koshy
Carol Inugai-Dixon
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Japanese English Language Education at the Preschool Level: Institutional Possibilities, Home Options and the Utilization of Both—Part 1
Mikio Brooks
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The Satisfaction on Supportive Learning Materials of Students and Lecturers of Medical and Public Health Secretary Program
Veena Chantarasompoch
Jirawat Sudsawart
Kullaphat Pochanakul
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