The Flow of Learning

In this workshop, Dr. Paul Lowe will outline a range of learning strategies he uses in his innovative practice-based Masters course on Photography and in his work with Ph.D. students and early career researchers at the University of the Arts London. Dr. Lowe draws on a variety of approaches drawn from experiential learning, sports coaching, performance management and personal development to break down the process of learning and developing new skills, and refining and improving existing ones. He emphasises how to assess current levels of ability, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then close ability gaps that limit performance. His approach is based around combining a community of practice approach with the concepts of flow states to provide a deep learning experience that is eclectic yet robust.

In the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn a variety of strategies of skill and personal development such as greasing the groove, the grind, and the white belt mentality, as well as to experiment with several personal assessment tools including performance wheels.

Paul Lowe, University of the Arts London, UK

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