The Complexity of Online Dating and Heterosexual Love in the Post-Feminist Era: A Report

We as individuals are a product of a generation which believes that communication today entails the minimum use of words to propagate and replicate the ideologies and structures of society. As our communication becomes easier and convenient with the less emphasis on grammar and written words, it is increasingly getting embroiled into a different kind of gender politics where we are communicating through photographs such as-selfies',-profile pictures',-display pictures' and so on. In India, the interplay between existing cultural beliefs and the "nouveau" gender politics is considered to be the primary frame in the context of which power relations and power equations have had evolved. The association of gender frame and sexuality with that of a rigid institutional structure has been adding texture to the Indian society. With the advent of social media, especially the online dating apps where the prospective mate is selected through these flamboyant display photographs, an atmosphere of forced heterosexuality and hetero-romantic love has been created. This, in turn, leads to the embodiment of a stringent hetero-normative, idealized vision of "perfect relationship" in the socio-cultural milieu. The study undertaken would map how the online dating apps create an atmosphere of forced consensus in the quest of finding-the perfect mate' in the virtual world. The study proposes to explain the prevalence of heterosexual gaze among the youth and how the popular media champions the same. It would employ mixed methods to understand the dilemma of heterosexuality in the new era.

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Author Information
Arpita Saha, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, India

Paper Information Conference: MediAsia2018
Stream: Critical and Cultural Studies, Gender and Communication

Added on Friday, October 12th, 2018
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