Responsibility Theory (A New Consideration in Neuroeducation) A Brain-Based Immersive Systematic Self-Talk Sequence Learning Program

Responsibility Theory® is an applied brain-based immersive systematic self-talk neuroeducation program the aim of which is to empower teacher and enhance constructive academic and positive behavioral social outcomes for students. At the heart of Responsibility Theory® are ten precepts; associated with these ten precepts is the personal intellectual interpretive engagement and the associated cognitive and behavioral application of the ten-precept-linked working language framework of Responsibility Theory®. The working and natural language of Responsibility Theory® draws from and filters its descriptive utterances, talk, text, speech and discourse considerations from these ten precepts. Responsibility Theory® has two broad social goals. The first is the personal application of the program itself. The goal here is to inform the individual that through the application of their own contemplative intellectual analysis, and allied reflexive utilisation of the working language of the ten Responsibility Theory® precepts, that this deliberate conscious and intentional intellectual engagement (along with the ten precepts), will hopefully assist the individual to develop and successfully apply their personal self-empowering possibilities for the remainder of their life. The second goal of Responsibility Theory® is to achieve life-long enduring, positive classroom-centred pedagogical, academic, behavioural, personal, and social outcomes.

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Ragnar Purje, Central Queensland University, Australia

Paper Information Conference: IICEHawaii2019
Stream: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis

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