Japan’s Contribution to the Tourism and Destination Image in Turkey

Destination is one of the most important compositions of the tourism sector. The literal meaning of the word destination is the place to go. The image of the tourism destination is in the upper order among the reasons why the consumers prefer the destination in question. Destination personality creates a lively and sincere identity in the minds of tourists by imposing more emotional and even spiritual features in the destination (Ye, 2012). However, an attractive destination personality with original and emotional characteristics has a positive influence on tourists' intentions to visit and recommend again with election behavior. Turkey is an important destination in terms of tourism. Significant demographic changes have been observed in the Japanese tourism market in recent years. The upheavals in the Japanese economy and vacation time are of great importance for Turkey being added to this market and need to be monitored carefully. The newspaper which has been published and available on the web in Turkey will be dealt with here. The method of content analysis will be used. Turkish press reports about Japan and the Japanese will be categorized in the destination image frame and will be targeted to contribute to the work area to determine the relationship between Turkey and Japan as a tourism destination.

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Makbule Evrim Gülsünler, Selcuk University, Turkey
Mehmet Fidan, Selcuk University, Turkey

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Conference: MediAsia2018
Stream: Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations

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