The Practice of Mobile Photography and Aesthetics: A Study of Young Taiwanese’s Self-Presentation on Instagram

Personal photography is becoming a daily practice in the digital era. It is tremendously impacted by communication technologies, especially social media. By interviewing 7 Instagrammers in depth, this article aims to explore the practice of mobile photography of young Taiwanese and their imagination of aesthetics. With the support of authentic data gathering and comprehensive analysis, this article shows that (a) Instagrammers' photographic practice is influenced by photography tools and personal experiences; (b) Although mobile phone enables Instagrammers to take pictures anywhere and at any time, they only select and post special moments online. 'Special' means different things to different Instagrammer; (c) To some extent, the mobile photography is a creation of beauty. Daily practice of mobile photography is able to convey art ideas and everyday aesthetics. This article could help further research on visual communication and social media.

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Author Information
Lin Jin, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Paper Information Conference: MediAsia2018
Stream: Social Media & Communication Technology

Added on Friday, October 12th, 2018
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