Landscape of Displacement: The Jewish Cemetery in Sambir, Ukraine

Landscapes tell stories. Here we will present the history and our design for the old Jewish Cemetery in Sambir, Western Ukraine, near the Polish border. The old Jewish Cemetery bears witness to the tragic murder of 2000 innocent children, men and women in 1943, under Nazi occupation, as part of the infamous Holocaust by Bullets . Nazi’s killed 10,000 Jews, half of the population, within a year. After WWII, desecration continued under Soviet order and after independence by local Ukrainian Nationalists. It is still haunted by fear and violence. Our client is the son of two of the 100 who survived and emigrated to Canada after WWII. He is seeking to restore the cemetery and mass graves. This is very delicate and controversial for religious and political reasons. Patiently and tenaciously, he has built an interfaith and international coalition to restore the dignity to the site. Remember is the concept for the landscape of reconciliation and Dignity for the common monument. Our task is to tell the tragic story of the site with respect and reverence, to reconcile and offer a path for a better future. We will tell the story of the site and how design can build public trust and bring people together for a common purpose.

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Author Information
Miriam Gusevich, The Catholic University of America, United States
Peter Miles, Gusevich-Miles Studio, LLC, United States
Mark J. Freiman, Lerner Lawyers, Canada

Paper Information Conference: CITY2018
Stream: Geography and Landscape/Urban Planning, Architecture and Design

Added on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
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