Development of the Scale of Productivity and Assignment in Corporate Organization

In recent years, the improvement of the productivity in corporate organization is a pressing challenge for the all countries of the world. The effective way of assignment that brings high productivity is also a major concern of the companies in all countries. In this study, we developed the psychological scale assessing status of productivity and assignment in corporate organization through preliminary survey to fifty-four working people as well as main survey to 298 business persons in Japanese companies. Exploratory factor analysis of the scale of the productivity extracted six factors; clarification of individual role, challenging for new tasks, construction of useful plans and procedures, coordination of one’s mental and physical health, consciousness of necessary matters for achievement performance, and contacting different things. The results of EFA of the scale assessing assignment indicated existence of six factors; adaptation to interpersonal relationship, suitability for the position with one’s character and wishes, teamwork at the assigned location, satisfaction about the treatment, stimulus from interpersonal environment, and instruction for clear direction. In the results of confirmatory factor analysis, the model fit indices were acceptable in both scales. Correlation with other scale predicted to relate to both scales are significant. Through these results, this study provided new useful psychological scales assessing productivity and assignment from various aspects.

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Author Information
Kei Fuji, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Ryoichi Nakamura, Hitachi Ltd., Japan
Michiko Iwamoto, Hitachi Ltd., Japan
Satoko Kushida, Hitachi Ltd., Japan
Junko Owada, Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Paper Information Conference: ACP2018
Stream: General Psychology

Added on Monday, April 9th, 2018
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