How to Support Pregnant Women Who Previously Lost a Baby Due to Medical Malpractice

Losing a baby due to medical malpractice negatively impacts the well-being of women. When these women attempt to deliver their next baby, adequate support from medical professionals is needed. However, what medical professionals and women consider to be adequate support differs. Thus, this study investigated how doctors recognize adequate support for women who have previously lost babies due to medical malpractice. We randomly selected 339 obstetrics departments at hospitals throughout Japan and asked them to participate in this study. We distributed the questionnaires to 105 doctors and obtained 50 responses (response rate: 47.6%). In the total, 43.0% of doctors reported that they wondered how to talk about “mothers’ experiences related to medical malpractice and losing a baby”. In addition, 64% of doctors did not believe that doctors or midwives must deeply understand mothers’ past experiences (medical malpractice and losing a baby) before attending subsequent childbirth. This finding markedly differs from that of our previous study (opinion of the mothers), which reported that doctors or midwives well acquainted with the failed childbirths should attend subsequent childbirths. This difference between required support and that considered by doctors to be adequate support may result in negative support provided by medical professionals. Therefore, additional studies are needed to relate the stories of mothers’ to caregivers and to ensure that their needs are reflected in practice.

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Author Information
Yumiko Yamazaki, Kawasaki City College of Nursing, Japan
Miyako Kimura, St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan

Paper Information Conference: ACP2018
Stream: Qualitative/Quantitative Research in any other area of Psychology

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