The Mediating Role of Loneliness on the Relation Between Parent-Child Relationship and Risk Taking Among Filipino Adolescents

A plethora of research have shown that risk taking, one of the main concerns among youth, can be explained in the context of social influence, mostly peer influence and the biological development of adolescents. However, little is reported on the role of parent-child relationship and emotion such as loneliness on risk taking. This study examined whether loneliness mediates the relation between parent-child relationship and risk-taking (i.e., drinking alcohol, having unprotected sex, smoking cigarettes) among Filipino adolescents (N =298). A quantitative design using De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale (de Jong Gierveld & van Tilburg, 1999), Child-Parent Relationship Test (Titze, Schenck, Logoz, & Lehmkuhl, 2013), and Benthin Risk Perception Scale (Benthin, Slovis, & Severson, 1993) was utilized in this study. Using SPSS PROCESS (Hayes, 2013), mediation analysis results revealed that loneliness partially mediates the relation between parent-child relationship and risk taking behavior (effect size = .0004, p < 0.5). This suggests that perhaps the experience of great discrepancy in the quality of the parent-child relationship may promote patterns of loneliness, which then translates into higher risk-taking. The partially mediating effect found for loneliness indicates that the quality of parent-child relationship seems to influence the experience of loneliness and the engagement in risk taking behaviors of adolescents. Implications of the results on theory and intervention will be discussed.

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Author Information
Sherwin Castillo, Miriam College, The Philippines
Mary Mia Villanueva, Miriam College, The Philippines
Kristia Ysabel De Guzman, Miriam College, The Philippines
Athena Marie Castaño, Miriam College, The Philippines
Aylin Bello, Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College, The Philippines
Victoria Apuan, Miriam College, The Philippines

Paper Information Conference: ACP2018
Stream: Qualitative/Quantitative Research in any other area of Psychology

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