Transforming and Changing Studies of Japanese in Serbia

Within the Faculty of Philology at Belgrade University in Serbia, teaching of Japanese started almost four decades ago (in 1976), and today students have the possibility of gaining a degree at all levels of higher education: graduate (B.A. degree), post-graduate (M.A. degree), and doctoral studies (Ph.D.). Every year about fifty students are enrolled in the Department of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture, while the staff of this Department includes six Professors with doctoral degree and five assistants. Last summer our students of Japanese received an invaluable gift from their teachers: "KANJI" ' the first textbook of the Japanese language in Serbian. It was created in accordance with the European Union guidelines as stated in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and is to be followed by a series of similar volumes. The authors of this precious book, which was written as the result of active interaction between teachers and students of Japanese, extremely creatively connected Japanese and Serbian cultures in order to facilitate learning of Japanese for Serbian students in an entertaining and interesting way. This original book, created primarily thanks to the efforts of Prof. dr Ljiljana Markovic ' who initiated the studies of Japanese at Belgrade's Faculty of Philology, and Prof. dr Aleksandra Vranes ' the Dean of this Faculty, enables students to learn Japanese not only with less difficulties but also with much more love and fun. This paper aims to present some examples from that book, in order to highlight its originality and

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Author Information
Aleksandra Vranes, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ljiljana Markovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Biljana Djoric Francuski, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Paper Information Conference: ACE2014
Stream: Higher education

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