Pachin! Betise and Brain-Time

In this presentation I present a timely update on Deleuze__s criticism of control societies. I analyse Bernard Stiegler's rumination on the disillusionment of the self and what he designates as __symbolic misery'. For Stiegler, the atmosphere of our hyper-industrial epoch is __heavy, stifling, and anguished'. While Deleuze writes about the societies of control, Stiegler extends the analysis to consider the uncontrollable societies of individuals. As he says, uncontrollable societies populated by massified and disaffected individuals become more and more __unliveable'. What does this say about Japan and the hikikomori? I shall introduce Stiegler's views on generalised proletarianisation - which means the loss of skill by workers, a dumbing down - to consider the notions of hypersolictation, available brain-time and modernity's proliferation of addictions. I shall examine at Stiegler's antidote to the maladies of the day and his call for ways to subvert the __technologies of the spirit'. All of this will operate through the prism of Buddhism, Japanese culture, industrial temporal objects and Pachinko gambling.

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Author Information
Joff Bradley, Teikyo University, Japan

Paper Information Conference: ACE2014
Stream: Education and social and political movements

Added on Monday, January 18th, 2016
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