ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACP2015 The Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2015: “Power”
Thursday, March 26 - Sunday, March 29, 2015
ISSN: 2187-4743




Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Reminiscence Therapy for Older People Suffering from Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression:
A Literature Review

Sharifah Munirah Syed Elias
Christine Neville
Theresa Scott

Are Men Really Challenging in Conversation?
Exploring Gender Stereotype in Everyday Talk

Yoshihiko Yamamoto

I am for ADHD: An Exploration in the Lives of and its Effects in Children with ADHD
Francine Rose A. de Castro

Teaching Assertiveness to International Students in the United States
Jerome Shih

The Effect of Post-Learning Caffeine Consumption
on the Learning and Retrieval of Non-Verbal Stimuli

Andrew Garas
Mark Bahr

Risk Management and Counseling Chinese Students
and Scholars in United States

Siuman Raymond Ting

Financial Decisions of Consumers when using Credit Cards
Moty Amar
Dan Ariely

Should People from Different Groups Be Confused about the Distinction
between Constructs, Is There Still Room for Structured Means?

Marco Vassallo

Living within a Broken Vow: The Impact of Parental Infidelity among Late
Adolescents in Establishing Romantic Relationships

Francine Rose A. de Castro
Matt Barrameda
Matt Dadivas
Aily San Jos
Ellaine Panganiban

Learner Classroom Engagement: Definition, Measurement and Data Usage
Robert Stroud

A New Way to D.I.E.: Intercultural Communication Strategies
Daniel Velasco

The Employee Outcomes of Workplace Favoritism in Turkish Public Sector
Mehmet Ferhat Ć–zbek
Sara J. Roberts

A Phenomenological Study on How Cosplay Affects
the Self-Presentation of Cosplayers

Dior Grita F. De Torres
Angelica P. Victoriano

Influence of Nonverbal Component on Credibility
Assessment in High Stakes Situations

Maciej Bożek
Bogdan Smolka

Integrating the NICHD Forensic Investigative Interview Protocol
in the Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model of Care for Victims of CSA and CSE

Antero Rosauro V. Arias Jr

Ceo Constellation, Capital Structure, And Financial Performance
Hsien-Chang Kuo
Lie-Huey Wang

A Kansei Engineering Approach to Evaluate Consumer Perception on Social Media:
A Case Study of Giant Manufacturing Company

Ming-Bao Lin
Juite Wang

Factors Influencing the Technology Adoption of Mobile Commerce
in Taiwan by Using the Revised UTAUT Model

Ting-yu Li
Chien-Ta Bruce Ho

Discovering Microfluidics Technology Opportunity
Using Patent Analysis

Arnold Wang
Juite Wang

A Study on Behavior Intention to Use Live Streaming
Video Platform Based on Tam Model

Chao-Hsiang Yang
Chien-Ta Bruce Ho

Improving Customers Satisfaction to the Development of
User Interface Design for Mobile Shopping through QFD

Chih-Yin Liu
Jung‐Yu Lai

Consumer Guilt, Online Resale and Purchase Intention
Hsunchi Chu

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Counseling
on Anger and Aggression Among Prisoners in Malaysia

Norzihan Ayub
Rohany Nasir
Nor Ba’yah Abdul Kadir
Mohd Suhaimi Mohamad

Relationship between Social Self-Efficacy, Learning Activities
with Friends and a Sense of Fulfillment in University Life

Rumi Matsushima

Does Sociality Become Virtual or Natural in Social Network Services?
The Example of Facebook

Chien Chia
Ying-Jiun Hsieh
Lan-Ying Huang

The Capacity of Perceived Coping Self-Efficacy in Adolescents
with Repaired Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Jutharat Chimruang

The Relation between Acculturation Attitudes and
Depression among Japanese People in Brazil

Koyuri Sako
Tomoko Tanaka
Junghuims Lee

Role of Executive Function Among Young Adults in Music
and Non-Music Programs

Hiranya Sirisumthum
Panadda Thanasetkorn
Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul
Vasunun Chumchua

Academic Adjustment and Sense of Coherence of the Muslim Students
from the Three Southernmost Provinces of Thailand: Qualitative Research

Maithai Chaiyapan

An Analytic Study on the Therapeutic Boundary between
Counseling Psychologist and Sexual-Abused Children

Wen-Wen Lin
Li-fang Tsai

A Study of Professional Helpers' Experience in Self-Care Though Mindfulness Yoga
Yu-Fang Hsu

Exploring Consumers' Intention to Accept Smartwatch
Shou-Chi Chang
Liang-Chuan Wu

Free Will Beliefs and Moral Responsibility:
Disbelief in Free Will Leads to Less Responsibility for Third Person's Crime

Takumi Watanabe
Ryosuke Sakurai
Kaori Karasawa

Switching Task in Thai University Students in Music and Non-Music Program
Tantiya Thitithumrongkul
Panadda Thanasetkorn
Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul
Vasunun Chumchua

Development and Validation of Quarterlife Crisis for Filipinos
James Philip Ray V. Pinggolio

A Study of Using Muscle Relaxation and Music on Aggressive
Behaviors of Schizophrenic Patients, Sakaeo Rajanakarindra Psychiatric Hospital

Phongphan Phawo

The Relationships Among Learning Support Needs,
Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Study Time and Test Scores in Learning Chinese

Takamichi Ito
Song Wang
Hui Sun

A Probabilistic Solution for the Mystery of Japanese Blood Type Prediction Accuracy
Hideo Hirose

The Effect of Yoga Training on Emotion Regulation
Nurlaila Anisahwati
Nida Ul Hasanat

Modern Forms of University Students' Extremist Behavior
Depending on Cultural and Environmental Factors

Emma I. Meshcheryakova
Natalia V. Kozlova
Inna V. Atamanova
Anastasia V. Larionova

Correlation between Emotional Competence and
Behavioral Problems in Elementary School Students with ADHD

Chih-lan Chang
Shi-Sen Shyu
Yuan-Yu Ting

The Study of the International Undergraduate Students'
Adjustment Processes in Taiwan

Chia-Chen Ho

The Effect of Equine-Assisted Therapy on Visual-Motor Integration
in Adolescent Autism Spectrum Disorders

Paranan Chorachit
Panadda Thanasetkorn
Nootchanart Ruksri
Kannika Permpoonpattana

Internal Image of the Organization and Commitment of Employees
Natalia Antonova

Mood and the Decision to Purchase High-Tech Products
Olga Patosha

Examining Line Users' Behavior, Motivation, Attitudes and
Factors Influencing Use and Adoption of Line Official Accounts in Thailand

Palida Simasatitkul
Ying-Jiun Hsieh

The Influence of Social Skills and Support Promotion on the
Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Care Workers in Japan

Kaori Hatanaka
Tomoko Tanaka

Emotional Literacy among School Children
Saori Fujino
Yayoi Watanabe

L1 Metalinguistic Ability and Foreign Language Learning:
The Case of Japanese Secondary School Students

Mika Igarashi

Violence towards other Family Members by Patients
with Alcoholism and Schizophrenia

Phatanee Srioad

Self-Efficacy, E-Learning and Online EFL Proficiency Test
Michiko Toyama

The Schooling Experience of Exchange Students From China in Taiwan
Yi-Ju Ke
Li-Li Chang

The Effects of Association and Emotion in False Memory
Chen-Tzu Wu
Shu-Fang Kao

The "Uncanniness"
Yi-Hua Lin

Factors Influencing Thai IT Professionals to Work in ASEAN Economic Community
Patchara Popaitoon
Yingyos Theerataweewut

Verticality of Space in Japanese and English with
Image-Schema in Cognitive Linguistics

Tae Kunisawa

The Impact of the 101s Storybook Intervention Program on
Executive Function, The 101s Social-Emotional Skills, and
School Achievement in Preschoolers

Duangporn Jinnatanapong
Vasunun Chumchua
Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul
Panadda Thanasetkorn

Psychological Well-Being among Gifted Students
at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Noorlin Maaulot
Roslina Ahmad Faisal
Noriah Mohamad Ishak
Nur Nadiah Lani
Ong Sy Ing

Customer Behavior & Marketing Mix Factors
as they Relate to the Selection of Thai Massage Providers

Kitiya Thassanabanjong

Functional Intergation Between the Salience and Central Executive Networks:
A Role for Action Video Game Experience

Diankun Gong

Episodic Occurrence of Cognitive Dissonance among
Nurses and Midwives in the Regional Health Units of Southern Cebu

Laisa Monika I. Legaspi

Simulation of a Queuing System Case Study:
Call Center Service in a Organization

Rutcharin Kullachart

Satisfaction of Counseling Services among
Gifted Students at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Roslina Ahmad Faisal
Noriah Mohd Ishak
Mariati Mohktar
Jamaliah Hamdan
Mohd Hakimie Zainal Abidin

The Risks of Purchasing Superficies Right-Based Housing:
The Perspective of Consumer Protection

Jung-Tsun Liu

A Case Study on the Life-Line of a Mother of
Multiple Children with Disabilities and Faced Limitation of Prenatal Diagnosis

Miyako Kimura

Cultural Differences in Psychological Reactance:
Responding to Censorship

Andy H. Ng
Mohammad S. Kermani
Richard N. Lalonde

Investigating the Evaluative Dimensions of a Large Set
of Communicative Facial Expressions:
A Comparison of Lab-Based and Crowd-Sourced Data Collection

Dilara Derya
Ahyoung Shin
Haenah Lee
Christian Wallraven

The Relationship Between Over-Adaptation Towards Peers,
Psychological Stress, and School Adjustment in Japanese Junior High School Students

Junki Kazama
Kenji Hiraishi

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of
Career Choice in Science: Evidence from Malaysian Undergraduates

Yit Sean Chong
Pervaiz K Ahmed
Ai Hwa Quek
Yee Quan Tham

What Are the Differences in Learning Environments of
Elementary and Junior High School in Japan?

Takuma Nishimura

The Compositions, Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Loyalty
Chien-An Lin

Teachers-Students through the Formation in Parfor,
Dialogues and Movements of Their Selves

Ivonete Barreto de Amorim
Elaine Pedreira Rabinovich

An Investigation into the Use of Internet Pornography
among Young Internet Users in Singapore

Kai Keat Lim
Gabriel Tan
Chi Meng Chu

ASEAN Integration via ASEAN Identity Building
among Thai SME Entrepreneurs

Terapon Poorat

Information Adequacy During Organization Assimilation Process
in Thai Organization

Pornprom Chomngam

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