ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACE2015 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Transcending Boundaries”
Wednesday, October 21 - Sunday, October 25, 2015
ISSN: 2186-5892

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Pursuing Multicultural Education in Indonesia
Yeni Rachmawati
Pai Yi Fong
Hui-Hua Chen

The Attitude and Performance of the Cadets of Maritime Institution
during Ship Board Training: An Assessment

Jose M. Barlis Jr
Josefin D. Fajardo III
Kathy Dimog
Marise M. Barlis
Marijoy B. Mendoza

Specific Features of Teaching Korean Language to Russian Students
Sabina Ragozina

The Usefulness of Curriculum Mapping in Writing Learning Modules
Leah Marie Tumlos-Castillo

A Movement-Based Game Designed According to Input Process-Outcome Model
in a Cooperative Learning Environment in Hygiene Education

Yu-Ching Chen
Yih-Jiun Lee
Tsuei-Ju Hsieh

The Storytelling Teacher: Using Storytelling to Improve Engagement and
Content Retention in History and Social Studies for All Learners

Matt Berrigan
Chelsea McNutt

Real Science in Clear English
Gregory Roos
Cathryn Roos

Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement in Police Unethical Behaviour
Annisa Prameswari Kesumaningrum
Yohanes Budiarto

School Space and Cross Religious Communication in Provoking Sense of Mutual Respect;
Case of a Faith-Based School in Jayapura, Indonesia

Umar Werfete

Get Real: Using Real Dialogue in the English Language Classroom
Rebecca Brinkley

Supporting University Athletes to Succeed in Both Academic and Sport
Performance at a University in Japan

Yoshihiko Yamamoto

Performance of the Kindergarten Teachers and Its Relation to Pupils
Achievement in Different Learning Areas

Mary Luna M. Ninal

Peace Education in Lebanon: A Case Study in the University Context
Pamela Chrabieh

Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Students' Cognitive Ability in Physics
Alberto D. Dela Cruz

Finding a Place for Karate-Do in Mainstream Education
Marc Waterfield

The Shift from Yakudoku to Communicative Language Teaching:
Empowering Students with a Diversity of English Classes

Ryan Kitaro Kwai-ming Hata

From Theory to Reality: Enhancing Creativity and Achievements of
Hong Kong Students through Online Design Platform and Consideration of Culture

Derry Law

Untried and Untrue: Common Core’s Mechanization of Education
Craig Sower

Visualization in Building Information Modelling (BIM) for
Interior Design Education: A Case Study at Sunway University

Hafez Zainudin
Nurul Ain Haron
Saiful Hazmi Bachek

From Preparation to Practice: The Experiences of Beginning Teacher in
Kiengiang Province, A Remote Area of Mekong Delta Region in Vietnam

Hoan Ngo
Binh Pham
Minh Truong

Using Facebook Applications in School Based Assessment (Sba) for Moral Studies
Hairul Faiezi Bin Lokman
Nik Mohd Rahimi Bin Nik Yusoff

Analysis of Compositions Written by a Fifth Grade Chinese Child in Japan
Lucy Spence
Yang Tao

The Link between the Process of Change and Coaching in an Organization:
A Case Study

Josephine S H Jim

An Exploration of One Learner's Affective Experiences from a Dynamic Perspective
Luanyi Xiao
David Wray

The Design and Outcomes of a Writing Improvement Programme in an
Australian University

Amanda Müller
Carolyn Gregoric

The Field Trip Project Asia: Developing 21st Century Competencies
through Cross-Cultural Art Projects

Twardzik Ching Chor Leng

The Spiral Jetty and the Palm Jumeirah: Robert Smithson's Art and
the Art of the Islamic Culture

George Newlands

The Four Freedoms: Raising Awareness of Human Rights in the English
for Academic Purposes Classroom

Alexander Nanni
Leigh Pearson

Improving Nature of Science Understandings through Scientific Inquiry
Mustafa Çakır

The Study of Behaviors, Attitudes and Satisfaction of High School Students in
M.6th Grade in the Bangkok Region in Accessing News and Information About Mahidol
University International College Through Online Social Media

Nutthaboon Pornrattanacharoen

Association of Engagement, Drive and Self-Beliefs to Academic Resilience:
An Analysis of Data from PISA 2012

Boon Wee Chua
Simon Sim

Human Rights as an Introduction to Academic Research
Leigh Pearson
Alexander Nanni

Resocialisation and Change Implications for Inservice Teacher
Professional Development

David Sansom

The School Garden as a Learning Object and Learning Space in Primary Schools
Britt Due Tiemensma

The Effect of I-Ching Education on the Temperament of Elementary School
Children, Lifelong Learning Capability and Bullying Behavior

Li-Yueh Chen
Chen-Mei Li
Sung Lin
Po-Chang Lin

Online Interactions of Japanese and Hungarian EFL Learners: A Critical Analysis
Júlia Kovács

English for Business Education in India: An Empirical Approach
Rajnandan Patnaik

The Effect of Taxation Supplementary Measure for the Performance of the
Elementary School Teachers

Tzong-Shing Cheng
I-Hsuan Lee
Shu-Hung Tsai
Chien-Hui Lee
Min-Ching Hun

Teaching Positive Psychology: Successes and Challenges in Implementing Two
Introductory Short Courses at Waseda University, Japan

Elvyra Rombs

The Educational Philosophy and Teaching Style Preferences of College
Faculty at the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA

Grace D. Severo
Lopita U. Jung

The Relationship between the Motivation for I-Ching Learning, Life and
Family Satisfaction in a Lifelong Learning Program of I Ching University

Li-Yueh Chen
Chen-Mei Li
Po-Chang Lin
Ying Lee

De-colonizing Canadian Post-Secondary Education
Robert Lawson
Kathy Snow

Double-Talk: A Bakhtinian Take on the Code-Switching Practices of English
Language Teachers In China

Peter Teo

The Research and Development of an Internal Quality Assurance System for the
Faculty of Education, Burapha University

Pongthep Jiraro
Jaruwan TummasinAnnisa Prameswari
Gayatri Ardhinindya

The Matrix of Education, Power and Empowerment: Where Do We Stand?
Neeta Arora

English Education in Japan: Back to the Basics
James Gracey

Engaging ESL Students Through a Project-Based Learning Activity
Vorodom Viravong
Gary Waddell

Redefining Educational Boundaries with Technology: The Systemic Perspective
Carlos Vasconcelos-Lopes

A Study of School-Based Curriculum to Disaster Prevention Teaching for
Sixth Graders in the Elementary School

Yang Kai-Ju

The Necessity of Shifting the Emphasis in Japanese Lifelong Learning:
How to Survive in a "Super-Aged Society"

Naoko Suzuki

ASEAN Student's Reflection: The Role of Japan's Higher Education in Fostering
Global Human Resources through the Twin College Envoys Program

Sapto Ashardianto
Ryugo Oshima
Satoko Baba
Jun Nomura

Alternative Education in Thailand
Patreeya Kitcharoen

Bullying Among Schoolchildren: What School Authorities and Parents Can Do
Cecilia Liwanag Calub

An Analysis of the Characteristics of Self-Directed Learners and Strategies
to Enhance Self-Directed Learning in Education Systems: Transcending Boundaries

Nathaniel Edwards

Financial Controls in Education Policy of the UK
Yoshihiro Nagata

The Benefits of Images: Guess and Check Game in Math Classroom
Wanda Nugroho Yanuarto

The Development and Application of E-Learning on Elderly Education in Taiwan
Yu-Che Huang
Tai-Shen Huang

Thinking Classroom: A Case Study of Education for Empowerment in Thailand
Nitta Roonkaseam

Building Students' Characters Through the Utilization of Used Goods As
Learning Media

Kiromim Baroroh
Barkah Lestaria

Cultural Taxation: Myth or Reality? Research in Progress
Toni Torepe

ADHD and Mothers Psychological Distress: Mothers Responses to a Child
Diagnosed with ADHD

Gloria Mootoo

What Do University Students Liken Academic Members To?
Fusun G. Alacapinar

Perceptions of an Artist and Art Education: A Study of Pre-Service Year One
Teachers at a Fijian University

Neelam Singh

Education as Cultural Data-System Development through Teaching and Upbringing
Marina Azarenkova

The Use of iPads to Improve Attainment in Technology for Pupils with
Learning Difficulties

Ange Anderson
Sian Griffiths
James Murphy

Learning Exponential-Logarithmic Equations through Values-Driven Interventions
Avelino S. Caraan

The Efficacy Beliefs of Social Studies Teachers Candidates Regarding
the Teaching-Learning Process

Ali Altikulac
Salih Uslu

Tropical Summer School Experience: Gleaning EFL Students' Responses
Rohayah Kahar
Adlina Abdul Samad
Noor Abidah Mohd Omar
Ghazali Bunari
Masdinah Alauyah Mohd Yusof

Chinese University Student Perceptions of Teacher Quality
Matthias Olson

The Impact and Benefits of Therapeutic Interaction on Educational
and Behavioural Outcomes

Ange Anderson
Andrea Edwards
Chris Mason
Hazel Hughes
Lynne Harkin

Blended E-Learning for Postgraduate Research-Article Writing:
A Case Study in One University in Thailand

Ampapan Tuntinakhongul
Patcharee Muangnakin

An Investigation of Taiwanese College English Majors' Learning Motivation
and Self-Identity Changes

Pey-Chewn Duo
Min-Hsun Su

The Innovation of Music and Computer Courses Designed to Improve the
Skills of Thai Music Students in Silpakorn University

Pongsilp Arunrat

Student Empowerment Pathways to Poverty Alleviation:
Nurturing Innovative Teachers and Education Leaders

Aurora B. Fulgencio
Marie Chiela C. Malcampo

Personality Tendency that Contributes Self-Adjustment of the
Migrant Students in Jakarta

Untung Subroto
Linda Wati
Monty P. Satiadarma

Is Shiroi Howaito? English Loanword Modifiers in Contemporary Japanese
Anna Bordilovskaya

The Correlation between Moral Disengagement and Cheating Behavior
in Academic Context

Samsunuwiyati Mar'at
Annisa Prameswari
Gayatri Ardhinindya

The Efficacy of Placement Interviews for English Language Classes at a
National Japanese University Based on a CEFR-J Model

Christopher Hennessy
Nicolangelo Becce

Possibility of Implementing Multiple Intelligence Theory Based English
Instruction for Remedial Purposes

Minako Inoue

A Case Study on the School Counselor's Work Predicaments at Elementary
Schools in Xinzhung District, New Taipei City

Mei-Fang Wang
Po-Hsun Shih
Yu-Chung Lin
Tzu-Shan Cheng

A Study on the Relationships between Time Management and Working Pressure
for Teachers with Un-Administrative Positions in New Taipei City

Li-Yun Chuang
Po-Hsun Shih
Yu-Chung Lin
Tzu-Shan Cheng

Learning and Teaching Beyond Boundaries – Educational Change Through Technologies
Ranjeet Nath

The Study of Students' Willingness to Use Mobile Learning in English Classes
Yu-Feng Kuo
Po-Hsun Shih
Yu-Chung Lin
Tzu-Shan Cheng

'Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone': Pre-Service Teachers'
Reflections on International Service-Learning

Son Truong

Collective Will to Change Education Trajectory by Transcending Boundaries
Doris McEwen Harris