ISSN: 2758-0970 The Paris Conference on Arts & Humanities 2023 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 25th, 2023

PCAH2023 – La Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France
Friday, June 16 - Monday, June 19, 2023
ISSN: 2758-0970

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Proceedings Contents

Digital Experience Theatre: Ideation Tool for Developing Socially Significant Digital Products
António Gorgel Pinto
Joana Ramalho
Paula Reaes Pinto
Filipe Figueiredo
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.1)
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Politics as Truth Procedure in Divergent Novel
Ramis Rauf
Wisma Nugroho Christanto Richardus
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.2)
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BreMo: A Mobile Application to Promote Primary Knowledge About Breast Cancer
Sweekrity Kanodia
Jean Christophe Thalabard
Kevin Lhoste
Romaric Sallustre
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.3)
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Filipinos for Export: The Case of Low-Skilled Workers
Anna Joceline Dizon Ituriaga
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.4)
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Turning Art Into a Literary Communication Tool
Mykyta Isagulov
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.5)
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The Quercetum Chorus Workshop
Rennie Tang
Lisa Sandlos
Eleni-Ira Panourgia
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.6)
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Pedagogical Actions Towards Cultural Heritage and Archival Preservation –Bridging Design Education Between Past and Future
Jorge Brandão Pereira
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.7)
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The Role of Women Self Help Groups (Chama) in Empowering Rural Women in Kenya
Franciscah Anyona Omukiti
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.8)
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Some Aspects of South Korean Youth Political Protest Culture of the Candlelight Rallies in the Information Technology Age
Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad
Azmat Gani
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.9)
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Exploring the Linguistic Identity of Lebanese Undergraduates: Experiences and Perceptions of Lingua Franca Speakers
Najwa Saba‘Ayon
Grasiella Harb
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.10)
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Up Start: Community-Based Creative Industries
Paula Reaes Pinto
António Gorgel Pinto
Paulo Simões Rodrigues
Filomena Djassi
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.11)
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Chinese Top Vlogger: A Textual Analysis of the Audience’s Reaction to Li Ziqi’s YouTube Channel
Dashi Zhang
Deli Zhou
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.12)
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Hunting Scenes and the Zodiac Signs in the Medieval Georgian Sculpture
Nino Goderdzishvili
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.13)
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The Promotion and Development of Civic Historians to Enhance Locality in Thailand
Nathaporn Thaijongrak
Supanat Pana
Jiraporn Ruampongpattana
Yaninie Phaithayawat
Chitiphat Suntornsaratool
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.14)
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How can Bio-Strategies Inform Design for Sustainability?
Carolina Vasco Costa Delgado
Arlete Apolinário
Gabriela Forman
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.15)
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Toho’s Uncanny Monster: Re-imaging Japanese Postwar National Identity Through the Godzilla Franchise Films
Kuo Wei Lan
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.16)
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Preliminary Theory on Relationship Between Data-Driven AI and Historical Recognition
Kentaro Okawara
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.17)
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Historical Metafiction and the Quest for Black Self-Authority in Laurence Hill’s Novel “Someone Knows My Name”
Akhmad Marhadi
La Bilu
Elisabeth Ngestirosa
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.18)
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‘Disjuncture’ to ‘Reconstruction’: An Ethnographic Study on Cultural Identity Conflicts of Post-95 Chinese International Fine Art Students in London
Wan Chen
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.19)
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Revealing the Significance in Liminal Period Through Art Expression Extending the Rubber Band Model to Multi-Dimensional Limitations
Ming Yan
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.20)
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Investigating the Relationship Between Technology and Artistry in Sustainable Design, Eco-Conscious Fashion
Mengyuan Wang
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2758-0970.2023.21)
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