ISSN: 2189-1044 – The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning – Dubai – 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: May 6th, 2016

IICLLDubai2016, Dubai, UAE
Conference Themes 2016: “Convergence and Divergence”
Saturday, February 27 - Monday, February 29, 2016
ISSN: 2189-1044


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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Strategies to Teach English Communication to the Intermediate and Advanced Learners in University
Yoshiko Matsumoto

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its Role in the Adult ESL Classroom
Ronald H. Jones

Arabic in ESL Classrooms: A Blessing in Disguise?!
Jana Muhieddine El Moabbi

Using Comic Strip Stories to Teach Vocabulary in Intensive Reading Comprehension Courses
Bahman Gorjian

Translation: An Effective Tool for Teaching Yoruba English
Taye Adetutu Kehinde
Adebanjo Mopelola Omowumi

Teaching Technical Communication in the Flipped Fashion Way:
A Boost in Active Learning

Tara Al-Hadithy

The Practice of Language Advising at the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages (FALEM) at the Federal University of Para (UFPA)
Sadie Saady Morhy

Gendered Fluency and Dysfluency: Preliminary Findings
Robert William Long

An Innovative Methodology to Transcribe Local Spoken Arabic Languages
Ahcene Farah
Sameh Ghwanmeh

A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of Co-Teaching: A Cross-Discipline Approach to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Trade Specific Context
Chor Wang Chung Alice
Sze Yee Ngai Jessica
Kai Yan Ho Clive

A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of a Modified OG Approach on “Struggling” English Learners in Hong Kong
Cheung Chor Wang, Alice
Ngai Sze Yee, Jessica
Ho Kai Yan, Clive
Kwok Lap Hang, Calvin
Wong Man Sum, Sam

Foreign Language Anxiety and Learner’s Willingness to Communicate in the L2 Classroom
Nada Alghali

Grammatical Relations in Temne
Sullay Mohamed Kanu

English Loans in Assamese : A Phonological Account
Hemanga Dutta

Teaching English Vocabulary: From Conception to Instruction
Adeniyi Folakemi Oyeyemi
Lawal ‘Raheem Adebayo

Comparation of Creativity Dimensions (Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, Originality) between Bilingual Elementary Students (Azari Language-Kurdish Language) in Urmia City Iran
Marzieh Arefi
Nesa Jalali