ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: March 18th, 2021

January 06-10, 2021 | Held online from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Stories on Youtube: Can this Be an Effective Learning Tool to Improve Listening and Transfer of Skills?
Narangerel Tsedendamba
Otgonsuren Gungaarentsen
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The Poetry Box: A Student Centered Constructivist Approach to Poetry Lessons in Secondary Education
Aaron Hahn
Jamie Ortolano
Silvia Trejo
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Resistant and Nonresistant Teachers’ Identities
Duong Thanh Hao
Le Thuy Linh
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Upholding Academic Integrity: An Institutional Response to Student Use of Contract Cheating Services
Christine Slade
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Developing and Evaluating an E-learning Material for Speaking Practice with the Latest AI Technology
Makoto Shishido
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Student Voices as Nouveau Committee Work: Providing a Platform and Safe Community for the Realization of Inspired Student-led Projects
Brandon Bigelow
Alexis Pusina
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A Study of the Mutual Phonetic Resemblance between Japanese Kyōiku Kanji and Chinese
Yuji Obataya
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Amplifying Vulnerabilities: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Japanese at Risk Youth
Sarajean Rossitto
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Isolated, Intimidated and Bullied on University Campus: The Students’ Experience and Recommendations
Yulong Gu
Amee P. Shah
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Challenges Presented to Paraguayan Teachers by the Measures Adopted due to Covid-19
Valentina Canese
Jessica Amarilla
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At the Intersection of Technology and Teaching: The Critical Role of Educators in Implementing Technology Solutions
Rachel Van Campenhout
Murray Kimball
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Correlation of STEM Interest and Career Intent in High-School Students
Nahid Nariman
Jaymee Nanasi Davis
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Back to the Drawing Board: A Longitudinal Study of Fossilized Errors
Robert Long
Hiroaki Watanabe
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Development and Validation of Questionnaire on Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in Online Learning Environment
Maricar S. Prudente
Gelyn R. Acar
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A Correlational Investigation into Sub-skills of Reading Comprehension: Evidence from Thai-READS
Thapanee Khemanuwong
Ekkapon Phairot
Kho Siaw Hui
Thanate Angsuwatanakul
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The Role of Administrators in Facilitating the Implementation of Tokkatsu in EJS: Learning from EJEP Trainees’ Practices towards Egypt Vision 2030
Yasmine Mostafa
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Indigenous Students’ Storywork: Local-to-Global Transformative Learning and Growth
Samantha Cardinal
Jacey P. Woycheshin
Jenna L. Galway
Taylor R. Tsakoza
Nevada Ouellette
Cheryl Barnabe
Andrea Kennedy
Francine Dudoit Tagupa
Randy Bottle
Anita Eagle Bear
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Improving Grade 3 Students’ Poetry Writing Skills Through Flipped Model of Instruction
Maria Christine Millan Morada
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English for Graduation: The Development of an Innovative Japanese University Program Connecting ESP Courses with Graduation Seminar Topics
Darlene Yamauchi
Wendy M. Gough
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Effective e-Learning for a Global Workforce: Designing with Cultural Competency
Byron Pulu
Michael Menchaca
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The Reset Framework: Examining Critical Factors in Parent-Child Math Participation
Anastasia Betts
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Development and Integration of Freely Available Technology into Online STEM Courses to Create a Proctored Environment During Exams
Charles A. Smith
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Problem-Based Learning Increases STEM Interest for High School Students and Instructors
David Reider
Nansai Davis
Nahid Nariman
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A Case Study of Educational Program Integrating Fashion and SDGs: Collaborating with ASPIRE, the U.N. Affiliated College Student-Driven Organization
Shinichi Yamazaki
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Sounds and Sippy Cups: New Approaches to Pre-Literacy in Adaptive Game-Based Learning for Young Children
Nika Fabienke
Brandi Biscoe Kenner
Anastasia Betts
Khanh-Phuong Thai
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Fostering Learner Autonomy through Personalized Project-Based Learning
Juan Villaflor
Ying Zhang
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Emergency Remote Teaching a New Curriculum during a Pandemic
Sweta Patnaik
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Response and Reflection on COVID-19: The case of Japan and a University
Minako Inoue
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Gap Design as a New Tool for Learning and Assessment
Krishnendu Sarkar
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From Tacit Knowledge to Explicit – Taken for Granted Pedagogical Practices Made Visible
Tero Uusitalo
Jari Kyrö
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Multigrade Teaching Experiences in Ilocos Sur: Basis for Extension Program
Necy Cesaria V. Romo
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Teacher Candidates' Experiences with Distance Learning in the Initial Year of COVID-19
Monica Gonzalez Smith
Nicole Schlaack
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Strengthening the Quality of Teacher Education through School - University Partnerships
Nicole Schlaack
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Perceptions and Processes of Virtual Teamwork Involving Japanese Undergraduate Students
Murod Ismailov
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The Effectiveness of Online Portfolios for Assessment in Higher Education
Alan Allman
Agne Kocnevaite
Faith Nightingale
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Factors Predicting Doctoral Students’ Future Career Perspectives: An Initial Look into the Role of Academic Identities
Gregory Ching
Yueh-Luen Hu
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Expanding Role of University Department Secretaries: Potential Middle Managers in the Making
Gregory Ching
Hsiu Hui Chang
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