ISSN: 2434-5903 – The IAFOR Conference on Heritage & the City – New York 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: January 4th, 2019

HCNY-NewYork2018, Hofstra University & Long Island Marriott, New York, USA
HCNY-NewYork2018 Conference Theme: "Urban Heritage and the Modern City"
Wednesday, November 7 - Friday, November 9, 2018
ISSN: 2434-5903

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents


The Magic of Belgrade – A City Where Heritage Meets the Modern
Ljiljana Markovic
Biljana Djoric Francuski
Bosko Francuski
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Pop Culture in Arabian Peninsula Cinema
Maya Said
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Marmaray Project Sirkeci Rescue Excavations in the Case of Stratification as an Urban Archaeology Example and Its Effects on City Planning
H. Kübra Gür Düzgün
Bedel Emre
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The Value of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway as an Urban Industrial Heritage: Historical Analysis of its Landscape Changes
Kun Sang
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From Indraprastha to Delhi: The Cityscape as Sediment of Memories
Hina Nandrajog
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Re-Inventing Panthalayani Kollam: An Investigation on Heritage Tourism
Potential of Panthalayani Port

Linas Fathima. A
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Linguistic Landscapes and Superdiversity in Istanbul – A Focus on Kumkapı, “Istanbul’s Mogadishu”
John Wendel
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Does the New ‘FIX’ Fit? Adaptive Building Reuse Affecting Local Sustainable Development: Preliminary Results
Ioannis Vardopoulos
Eleni Theodoropoulou
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Heritage’s Meaning in New Towns of Modern Era: Defining “Urban Heritage” Starting from the Case Study of Italian’s New Towns
Emanuela Margione
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Preservation and Conservation of Grooves and Sacred Trees; A Form of Cultural Heritage in Selected Towns in Lagos State, Nigeria
Oluwakemi Taiwo Olabode
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Hospital as a City: Reorganization of Future Healthcare Environments in the context of Twenty-First Century Civilization Challenges
Paulina Szuba
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Temporal and Regular Placemaking: A Stimulating Tool for Reinforcing Local Identity and Pride
Poeti Nazura Gulfira Akbar
Jurian Edelenbos
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Bucharest: Towards a Rethinking of the Urban Heritage
Ioana Elena Zacharias Vultur
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The Establishment of an Enduring City from the Perspective of “Sakuteiki”
Naokata Okajima
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Exploring the Bearing of Urban Geography on Physical Well-Being of Communities in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria
Mokolade Johnson
Shittu Adewale
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