ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 6th, 2021

ECE2021 Online from London, United Kingdom
Thursday, July 15 - Sunday, July 18, 2021
ISSN: 2188-1162

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Role of Software in Computer Science Majors’ Career Choice
Bernd Neeser
Karsten Huffstadt
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Student Engagement in a Digitally Mediated Environment: Attitudes and Experiences of Student Advisers
Maurice Kinsella
Deirdre Moloney
Niamh Nestor
John Wyatt
Joan Connolly
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Cultivating Social-Emotional Learning and Deeper Learning Skills through the Design and Implementation of Creative and Improvisational Activities in Science Education
Konstantina Kotsari
Zacharoula Smyrnaiou
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Student-Led Design of Online Tools to Support the Quality of Research Life at the University of Tokyo: A Survey-Based Approach
Maximilien Berthe
Kozue Okamura
Li Yang
Saeko Kawataki
Paul Nadeau
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International Expansion Strategy of Gülen Inspired Schools Through Internationalization and Localization
Mehmet Evrim Altin
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Erdogan’s “New” Educational Movement: Another Battle Field Against the Gülen Movement
Mehmet Evrim Altin
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Adapting Active Learning in Presnce to Distance Education: Effective Strategies from Four Cases in Higher Design Education
Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic
Francesca Mattioli
Silvia Deborah Ferraris
Lucia Rampino
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Mission Impact: Higher Education as Catalysts for Sustainability Transformation
Bas Van Den Berg
Thomas Wissingh
Gabriela Bustamante Castillo
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Indonesia National Education Response in Covid-19: A Policy Analysis Approach
Desi Saragih
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ECE Leadership: Developing Resilience During Periods of Uncertainty in Hong Kong
Anika Saxena
Betty Yau
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Dislexya and the English Language: Contributions to the Education in Regular Schools
Silvia Maria do Nascimento
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Interdisciplinary Teaching at RWTH Aachen University - Project “Leonardo”
Ann-Kristin Winkens
Stefan Böschen
Carmen Leicht-Scholten
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Why Students Plagiarise: Corrupted Morals or Failed Education?
Joseph Wu
Wing Hong Chui
Ming Tak Hue
Anthony Yau
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Home Education: Reshaping Teachers and Parents’ Responsibilities in the Era of Intensive Parenting
Anna Chinazzi
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Altered Andragogy: Lessons from Lockdown for Systems Engineering Education
Stephen G Barker
Jeremy D Smith
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Re-imagining Blended Learning 3.0 in Education - Defining a New Technology-Enabled Experience Led Approach to Accelerate Student Future Skills Development
Jamie A Kelly
Victor McNair
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Quantification of Knowledge Exchange within Classrooms: An AI-based Approach
Omar Elnaggar
Roselina Arelhi
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Efficacy of STEM and Engineering School Model Programs in the Los Angeles, California Area
Julie Smith
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Technology Driven Management and Employees’ Task Accomplishment in Government Technical Colleges in Lagos State, Nigeria
Akeem Adekunle
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Application of Comparative Law Methods in Teaching Legal English to Law Students in Russia
Tatiana Kalugina
Maya Golubtsova
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The Observation of Gender Stereotyping in Music Instruments in 2020, and the Process of Musical Instrument Selections of Children
Sori Kim
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How to Create a Supportive Learning Environment in Mathematics Classes - An Example from a Norwegian Lower Secondary School Class
May Olaug Horverak
Judith Emelie Espegren
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Using a Collaborative Modern Board Game to Characterise Problem-solving Experiences in Physiotherapy Students
Marlene Rosa
Micael Sousa
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Research on The Learning Experience and Effectiveness of Digital Action Learning on Design Education
Shu-Yin Yu
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Fude Master: Japanese Writing Practice M-learning Application Based on Gamification Theory and Its Evaluation with ARCS Model
Astrid Tamara
Makoto Shishido
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Financial Autonomy of Schools in Kazakhstan: International Comparison and a National Perspective
Liz Winter
Rita Kasa
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Macro Factors Determining Transition of Vietnamese International Students Mobility
Tran Hoang Nam
Jin Cheng-Hai
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A Study of Students’ Engagement on the Zoom-based Synchronous Online-teaching
Ka Man Pang
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Teenpods: Production of Educational Videos as First Step in a Transmedia Educational Project about Positive Youth Development
Laura Fernández-Rodrigo
Arnau Erta-Majó
Eduard Vaquero Tió
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The Processes of Educational Communication in Primary Schools Determined by the State of Emergency in the Czech Republic
Dominika Provázková Stolinská
Iveta Filípková
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Inclusive Foreign Language Assessment in Trying Times: Pre-service Teachers’ Attribution Mechanisms and Their Implications for Inclusive Emergency Remote Teaching
Julia Weltgen
Joanna Pfingsthorn
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EasyTalk: A Digital Writer’s Workshop for Leichte Sprache (Easy-To-Read German)
Ina Steinmetz
Karin Harbusch
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Evaluation of Face-to-Face and Online Learning for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Courses
Kassandra A. Papadopoulou
Robert A. Phillips
Fatemeh Salehi
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From Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction: A Research among Physicians Specialising in Oncology at the University of Padua
Paola Rigoni
Natascia Bobbo
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Feedback: What It Is and How to Use It Effectively in a Digital World
Pauldy Otermans
Sofia Barbosa-Bouças
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Synoptic and Authentic Assessments: Moving Away from Traditional Assessments to Integrate the Development of Transferable Skills
Sofia Barbosa-Bouças
Pauldy Otermans
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The Impacts of the Anti-COVID Measures Introduced in the Czech Republic and Spain in the Context of Preschool Education
Gabriela Vrbová
Alžběta Vaňková
Alena Vavrdová
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Do You Trust Me? A Systematic Literature Review on Student-teacher Trust and School Identification
Isabel Brito
Ema Patrícia Oliveira
Ludovina Ramos
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A Critical Review of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Child-Friendly Schools
Gulsah Dost
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Levelling the Playing Field: A Case Study on the Benefits of Integrating Student Feedback Through Fluid Course Development
Kate Luxion
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Nepalese EFL Teachers' Perception and Practices of Differentiated Instruction
Samikshya Bidari
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