ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 9th, 2016

ECE2016 The Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton, United Kingdom
ECE2016 Conference Theme: “Education and Social Justice: Democratising Education”
Wednesday, June 29 - Sunday, July 3, 2016
ISSN: 2188-1162


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Path Analysis of the Effects of Science Literacy and Science Process Skills on Pre-Service Science Teachers' Efficacy Beliefs
O.E Ogunseemi
A.A Ojo

Foreign Language Homepages: Representations of Internationalization
Elizabeth Yoshikawa

Promoting Self-Competences and Life Skills of Children Coming from Vulnerable Groups: Research-Based Development of an Inclusive Education Program
Wiltrud Weidinger

The Idea of Autonomy in Child-Centered Education: The Preschool in Saudi Arabia as a Case Study
Adaylah Rajab

How Does the Government Construct the Pedagogical Relationship between Teachers and Children in Saudi Preschool Education?
Adaylah Rajab

Racism in Education: First Nations Education in Canada
Ron Phillips

Embedding and Assessing Compassion in the University Curriculum
Theo Gilbert

Faculty Competency Systems: An Empirical Case Study in Business School Education
Jayanthi Ranjan
Pooja Tripathi

The Contribution of Multicultural and International Education to the Creation of Sustainable Learning Environments Which Support the South African Struggle
C Hagenmeier
TS Mashau

Students with Foreign Origins in Italian IVET - Initial Vocational Education and Training: Pathways for Integration
Luisa Daniele

A Service-Oriented Perspective in Higher-Education Curriculum Evaluation
Maurice Abi Raad
Russell Tytler
Shaun Rawolle

Exploring Non-Formal Educational Experiences from Adaptive to Transformative Responses
Nomazulu Ngozwana

A Survey of the University Students’ Perspectives about Using Digital Technologies in Education: Zimbabwean Case
Sibusisiwe Dube
Elsje Scott

Massive Multiplayer Online Games Communities: Lessons for Diversity in School Classrooms
Bobbie Fletcher
Barbara Emadi-Coffin
Janet Hetherington

Can MOOC’s be a Model For Providing Quality Higher Education to Refugees? Lessons from the First Experiment
Thomas Greenaway
Lisa Hillers
Florian Rampelt

Digital Funds of Identity: Funds of Knowledge 2.0 for the Digital Generation?
Adam Poole

Augmented Reality Applied to the Teaching of the Descriptive Geometry
Franz Calderon

Towards Building Authentic Understandings of Contemporary Science Practices for Science Educators
Greg Lancaster
Lisa Fazio
Joanne Burke
Deborah Corrigan
David Overton

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of E-Lectures on Students’ Learning
Meghdad Fazeli
Paul Holland
Rhian Kerton

The Second Generation Bangladeshi and Pakistani Women in Brighton and Hove
Sayanti Banerjee

Higher Education and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students: Borderlands of Being and Becoming What Drives Them?
Joydeep Dutta

The Utilization of Water Footprint Education to Build-up the Level of Environmental Awareness
Karin Kandananond

Social-Emotional Challenges and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning
Rekha Sapra

The Proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): A Formula for
Teaching Excellence

Dan Berger
Charles Wild

Social Media in Sport Coaching: Knowledge, Attitude and Use of
Information and Communication Technology in Service Delivery among
Tertiary Institution Coaches in Southwest, Nigeria

Ezekiel Olusegun Babatunde