ISSN: 2432-4183 The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology 2024: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: June 7th, 2024

AGEN2024, Onsite and Online from the Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 25 - Friday, March 29, 2024
ISSN: 2432-4183

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Proceedings Contents

Assessing Interest and Educational Gaps in AI and Robotics Applications for Elderly Care Among Healthcare Students
Hoang-Nam Tran
Ngoc-Quang Phan
The-Diep Nguyen
Trung-Kien Nguyen
Tuan-Dat Pham
Bao-Ngoc Dang
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.1)
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Silver-Haired Blind Date: An Exploration of the Remarriage Needs of the Elderly in Harbin
Wanchun Wang
Zhen Sun
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.2)
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Nursing Competencies of Home Care Nurses in Taiwan: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
Chiung-Man Wu
Ya-Ting Wu
Pei-Fong Chia
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.3)
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Research on the Daily Travel Behavior Characteristics of the Elderly in New Urban Areas in China Based on GNSS Trajectory
Yiqing Cai
Zao Li
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.4)
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Effects of Exergame Balance Training of Different Complexity on Cognitive Performance in Patients With MCI
Aruba Saeed
Imran Amjad
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.5)
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Profiles of Health-Feeding-Care of Older Adults in Argentina, With Emphasis on the Modalities of Aging Typical in Córdoba
Maria Daniela Abraham
Mariana Butinof
Eugenia Haluszka
Nahuel Guillermo Dagatti
Dolores Dopazo
Natalia Franco
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.6)
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Resistance to Flexible Retirement Age Policy and Norm Nudging: The Swedish Pensions Agency’s Positive Campaigning on Extended Work Life
Lisbeth Segerlund
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.7)
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iHealth Screen: Empowering Older Adults and Caregivers Through Mobile Health Screening
Maggie Fung-Yee Wong
Ken Cheung
Noble Po-Ka Law
Jean Woo
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.8)
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Elderly Parent-Child Relationship in Thailand: Types, Determinants, and Impacts
Dararatt Anantanasuwong
Duanpen Theerawanviwat
Pachitjanut Siripanich
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.9)
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The Comparison of Health Insurance System on Survival Time Among Elderly Patients With Stroke in Standard-Level Hospital, Southern Thailand
Butsakorn Sangsuwan
Tum Boonrod
Witchada Sinla
Chananya Jirapornkul
Ausana Ko-aien
Krekpon Dissara
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.10)
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The Effect of Blood Sugar Control and Association Among Elderly Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in Kantang District Southern Thailand
Ausana Ko-aien
Tum Boonrod
Witchada Simla
Dusanee Suwankhong
Krekpon Dissara
Butsakorn Sangsuwan
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.11)
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Changes in Research on the Senior-Friendly Layout of Medical Facilities Before and After COVID-19: A Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization Using CiteSpace and VOSviewer
Yanyan Gao
Zao Li
Bin Ren
Yiqing Cai
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.12)
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The Effects of Distance on Health Outcome and Risk Factors of Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Krekpon Dissara
Tum Boonrod
Witchada Simla
Vallop Ditsuwan
Butsakorn Sangsuwan
Ausana Ko-aien
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.13)
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Factors Influencing Elderly Life Satisfaction in Thailand: A Comprehensive Study on Socio-Economic, Mental, and Physical Health, and Social Activity
Titirut Phimolsri
Pachitjanut Siripanich
Wasin Kaewchankha
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.14)
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Hospital Social Marketing and Agenda Setting Research on Elderly Subjectivity
Ying-Ying Chen
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.15)
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Social Isolation and Resilience of Japanese Older Adults Through the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights From a Qualitative Interview Study
Ryan Browne
Ye Zhang
Takamitsu Shinada
Toshimi Ogawa
Yasuyuki Taki
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2024.16)
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