ISSN: 2188-272X The Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: December 21st, 2016

ACSET2016, Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Education and Social Justice: Educating for Equality Within and Across Borders”
Thursday, October 20 - Sunday, October 23, 2016
ISSN: 2188-272X


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Effectiveness of Blended E-Learning Approach in a Flipped Classroom Environment
Jose Mari M. Calamlam

Preliminary Experiment for Comparing Programming Learning Environments
Yuki Kiridoshi
Ichiro Iimura

Investigating The Effective Use of Online Course Tools for University Athletes in Japan
Maki Ikoma
Yoshihiko Yamamoto

“I’m a Different Person Now”: Online Learning as a De-Facto Higher Education Equity Pathway to Transforming Lives
Andrea Dodo-Balu

The Role of International Student Mobility in Hybridized STEM and Interdisciplinary Programs in Japanese Higher Education: The Empowerment Informatics Program
Aki Yamada

A Mobile Software Development Using Aspect Orientation Approach
Paniti Netinant

Electronic Learning for Preschool Preparation under Parental Guidance: A Case Study of Thai Educational System
Amnart Pohthong
Tanaporn Petmunee

Bomb Squad©- The Development and Evaluation of A Dual Play Online Virtual Reality Game That Incorporates Collaborative Problem-Solving Mechanism for Physics Education
Huei-Tse Hou
Kung Ting Chen
Yen-Cheng Lu

The Effects of Stem Integrated into Marine Science Issues on Junior High School Students' Learning Motivation, Learning Interest, and Learning Achievement
Hao-Ti Cheng
Cheng-Chieh Chang

A Basic Study on a Task-based Style Foreign Language Learning Environment Using RFID and a 3DCG Character
Emi Shibuya
Min Kang
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki
Harumi Kashiwagi

The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Evaluation of Imaginative Teaching Strategies
Shin Liao
Chao-Fu Yang
Chui-Chu Yang
Yi-Chen Pan

Development of an Introductory Programming Education System by Automatic Generation of Lecture Slides
Tatsuyuki Takano
Osamu Miyakawa
Takashi Kohama

A Reader of Gesture-Based Accessibility User Interface Design for Visually Impaired Children
Jin-Ting Jheng
Hsiao Ping Lee
Tzu-Fang Sheu

The Factors Affect Performance of Public Health Personnel Affiliated with Network Institute of Public Health and Medical Technology College toward ASEAN Communities
Tharin Sukanun
Hattaya Petcharoen

Measuring the Use of Twitter in Education
Fernando J. Garrigos-Simon
Juan Vicente Oltra-Gutierrez
Yeamduan Narangajavana
Sofía Estellés Miguel

Software Model Design for Biometric Examiner Personal Verification
Sethapong Wong-In
Paniti Netinant

Conceptual Framework: A Mobile Software Model for Web Based Learning
Titiya Chomngern
Paniti Netinant

The Reading Habits Among Library Users in Rural and Urban Areas of Sarawak, Malaysia
Bronny Lawrence Nawe

Using SQL in CBR for Similarity Retrieval: The Case of the TQF Advisory System
Putsadee Pornphol
Suphamit Chittayasothorn

The Applications and Effectiveness of Smart Campus in Taiwan Thematic Research Project
Fang-Chen Chuang
John Liao
Ting Yi Shao

A Study of the Online Learning Environment in the B.A. (English) Program of Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
Narinthip Thongsri

An Interactively Application of Fairy Tales for Preschool Children
Zi-Han Wang
Ru-Jiun Tseng
Hsiao-Ping Lee
Tzu-Fang Sheu
Yun-Ting Huang

Development of Japan’s e-Government: My Government as a Step Towards a Ubiquitous G2C Networked Society
Noriko Asato

Collaborative Construction of Advance Organizers as A Learning Event for Online Instruction
Wan-Ling Liao
Chang-Hwa Wang
Yu-Hsuan Chen

Exploring Learning Effects of Using Different Scaffoldings on Problem-Based Learning
Che-Yin Hsiao
Chang-Hwa Wang
Yu-Hsuan Chen

Designing the Multimodal Network in an Agriculture Supply Chain in Thailand
Witchayut Timaboot
Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai