ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2019: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: July 15th, 2019

ACLL2019 Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Theme: "Independence and Interdependence"
Thursday, May 16 - Saturday, May 18 2019
ISSN: 2186-4691

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Color Coding Japanese Kana for Second Language Acquisition
Kevin Reay Wrobetz
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Teaching of Japanese Language to Filipino Learners through Blended Learning
Dante M. Miguel
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Understanding Demotivation Factors, Countermeasures, and Insights Gaine from English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Learners
Merissa Ocampo
Ryoji Takahashi
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Family Environment Mode Approach (FEMA): Procedures for Nurturing Affective Learning
Merissa Ocampo
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Achieving Creativity Through Research Led Learning and Teaching
Piotr Zychowicz
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A Non-Engineer`s Discovery of Design Thinking
James Taylor
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Developing Interviewing and Presentation Skills: Using Action Research Methodology
Zubeda Kasim Ali
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Transcontextualizing Contemporary Filipino Gay-themed Movies: A Filmographic Education
Erwin L. Purcia
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A Framework of Five Level Learner Autonomy Method and Self-Assessment: A Case Study of Applying Self-Assessment in SAT test Preparation Phase
Li Dong
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A Study on Cochlear-implanted Children’s Early First Language Development
Qi Zhang
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An Empirical Study of a SPOC Embedded Flipped Classroom Model for College Intercultural Communication Course: Perceptions of Students
Xiaofei Tang
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Exploring the Reflections of Non-Optionist Polytechnic English Language Lecturers (PELLs) in Identifying Their Professional Development Concerns
Suhaily Abdullah
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Investigating the Idea of EAP Classroom Diglossia and Patterns of Code Switching
Lauren Ruth Knowles
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Topical Structure Analysis of Filipino and Chinese Journal Abstracts
Patricia C. Trivino
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Promoting Junior High Student’s English Grammar and Environmental Awareness in a Five-Day English Summer Camp in Taiwan
Lim Ha Chan
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Development of Grammar Competence by Using Knowledgebase for Bachelor of Education (English) Students at Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Thailand
Palisa Suntornsawate
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The Influence of Formative Assessment in “Reading Critically” Course on English Major Students` Self-regulated Learning of Vocabularies in Linguistic Academic Articles
Yuyan Xue
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Holistic Flipped Classroom Model in ELT – Exploring Learner Engagement and Autonomy in an English Enhancement Course for Early Childhood Education Pre-service Teachers
Qunfan Mao
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Analysis of Errors in Writing English Composition Committed by Thai EFL Non-English Major Undergraduate Students
Mongkol Charoento
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Enhancing English Language Teaching and Learning through Ipadagogy
Ariel Joy M. Patria Jr.
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Direct and Indirect Feedback: How do They Impact on Secondary School Learners’ Writing Anxiety and How do Learners Perceive Them?
Qian Yao
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Educational Culture in an Online Class: The Case of Filipino-Chinese Interface
Jewel B. Labita
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Exploring Communicative Activities in EFL Classrooms: Can Development of CLIL Lesson Plans Work as a Communicative Task for University Students?
Mariko Takahashi
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L1 and L2 Attitudes and Willingness to Communicate in Taiwanese Middle School
Bilingual Program
Alexandra Chiang
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Pre-service Teacher Reflections: Embracing Growth and Professional Development
Christina Nicole Giannikas
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Improving EFL Students Thesaurus-Using Skills: an Action Research at a University
Tran Lam Ngan Vi
This article has been retracted

Design Thinking and Creative Group Engagement in the EFL Classroom
Tim Cleminson
Neil Cowie
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Slang Words from Loanwords Reflecting Thais’ Language Use on the Facebook Fan Page “Tai Tiang Dara”
Suttiya Mahajaroen
Jomkwan Sudhinont
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Language Techniques in the Anthology of Short Stories “Klang Phung Phae Lang Hak (Amidst a Herd of Broken-backed Goats)” by Ummisalam Umar
Sanma Rattanayium
Montri Meenium
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From Solitary to Shared Experience: Lessons from Running a University-wide Reading Programme
Sannie Tang
Christine Ho
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Combining Grammar Translation and Task-Based Language Teaching
Arifumi Saito
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The Practice and Effects of Integrating Literature Circles and Mobile Instant-messeging Technology in ELT
Wan-lun Lee
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