ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2016

ACLL2016 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: "Convergence and Divergence"
Thursday, April 28 - Sunday, May 1 2016
ISSN: 2186-4691


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Form-focused Grammar Instruction: Effects on Grammar Accuracy and Oral and Writing Proficiency in English
Richard Lamban Oandasan

The Convergence of Last and First-mile: Practicum Curriculum Redesign for Language Majors
Wen-Chun Chen

Scaffolding Oral Presentation Instruction to Improve Communicative Competence across Differing Student Levels and Disciplines
Jeremiah Hall
Eric Hirata

An Interlanguage Pragmatic Study on Taiwanese EFL Learners’ Email Request
Chia-Ti Heather Tseng

Videos as Final Project for Assessment of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Higher Education Context
Raquel Peña-Gutiérrez

Exploring EFL Learners’ Strategies of How They Improve the Process of Their Writing Assignments
Yoshihiko Yamamoto
Akiko Nagao

The Moral Imperative of Bi-cultural Leadership: The Leader Laid Bare
Margaret Peggy Burrows

Helping Students to Write an Overview for IELTS Academic Task 1
Rory O’Kane

Language Learning Strategies: The Case of Foreign Multilinguals in a Philippine Secondary School
Holden Kenneth Alcazaren
Emerald Rafanan

Sing and Move – Removing Static English Language Classroom
Lim Ha Chan

Enhancing Students Willingness to Communicate in English through Korean Pop Culture: A Case Study
Yun-Fang Sun

A Corpus Stylistics Study of the Mental Clauses and Speech and Thought Presentation of Gilbert’s (2006) Eat Pray Love
Elaine Yin Ling Ng

Developing an Instructional Model to Teach Periphery Researchers to Write English Scientific Research Articles for Scholarly Journals
Saneh Thongrin

An Evaluation of Students’ Oral Fluency to Identify Ways to Help Them Improve Their English Speaking Skills
Kit Lin Lee
Eliza L.Y. Lau

The Effect of Metalinguistic Feedback and Recasts on Learners' Uptake and Subsequent Production of Past Simple
Kamonrat Sriharuksa

Recommend Video Materials to Enhance Language Learning Motivation by Collaborative Filtering Method
Chih-Kai Chang

The Role of Duolingo in Foreign Language Learners’ Autonomous Learning
Charlene Chiao-man Tsai

The Study of English Listening and Speaking Skills Development by Using Computer Assisted Language Learning of Primary Students in Lampang Province
Apiradee Jeenkram

General Education with a Purpose: Theme-Based Approaches for Academic Literacy in English
Matthew Robert Ferguson

A Dynamic Usage-Based Approach: Using Video Segments in Teaching Listening Skill
Nguyet Thi Thu Huynh
Hong Thi Phuong Nguyen

Effects of Imposition on Refusals of Requests by Vietnamese ESL Learners in Speaking and Emails
Thi Lan Anh Nguyen
Carsten Roever

Internships in French-speaking Environments: First steps of a Thai University
Bruno Mahon

A Comparison of English Textbooks from the Perspectives of Reading: IB Diploma Programs and Japanese Senior High Schools
Madoka Kawano

Phychosociological Predictors of Maritime Students’ English Proficiency
Claudine Lauron Igot

Learning Strategies and Learner Attitudes in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Cube World
Shu Li Goh

A Semantic Study on Verbs of Human Senses in English under Cognitive Linguistics (Versus Vietnamese)
Tran Thi Thuy Oanh

The Discourse Strategy of Code Switching on SNS texts: Focusing on the Case of L1 Chinese-Korean and Chinese
Boyeong Kim

Teachers' Beliefs, Practices and Challenges in Using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in an ESL Context in the Philippines
Jacky-Lou Maestre
Maria Gindidis

Cooperative Learning in the University EFL Classroom in Japan: A Brief Analysis
Michi Saki